Everybody Gets Theirs

Deserve’s got nothin’ to do with it. – William Munny (Unforgiven)

Everybody gets theirs, someday.

I know that’s karma and I understand that.  But believing it and knowing it will happen, helps you deal with jerks and your jerk moments.

The problem is most of us don’t like the timing of the payback.  Most times we feel justice is not swift enough or appropriate for the nature of the transgression.

This is what the media and politicians capitalize on.  Something happens and the mob wants blood and the leaders smell the blood.  With the blood comes more power.

After many years I have learned that true justice happens exactly when needed and as needed.  And those who don’t learn from it will suffer the same great equalizer.

There is a calmness and peace in believing and knowing that all transgressions you commit or have committed upon you will be repaid.

You don’t know when, where, what or how it will happen and in most cases you will never know it happened.  That is not what’s important.  It is not about your satisfaction or blood lust.Clint1

Of course it’s very hard not to want swift and severe justice.

Once I listened to one of those short sponsored segments before the news on the radio.  The host states that forgiveness is not about condoning the actions or transgressions against you. It’s about letting go of the anger in your heart.

That hit me when I heard it.

Anger in your heart stifles so many things.  Why let it kill you?

Be content in knowing that justice will prevail.  It may not be the justice you want on your terms but who are you in the universe?  Let go of the anger.

It’s hard.

I try and I fail and I try again.

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