My Day In The Sun Studio

In a previous post I talked about my trip to Memphis , the visit to Graceland and the affect it had on me.

Another memorable part of my trip to Memphis was the tour we took at Sun Studios.

It was pretty cool to stand in the studio and think of the memorable figures that worked there and the music history that was made there.

Sam Phillips was certainly in the right place at the right time.  He saw the raw drive in the blues and knew that it transcended race.  Then he had one of the most talented white boys ever walk through his door and suddenly had an acceptable vehicle to sell this music to white America.

The store front building left quite an impression on me.  Especially how you walked through the front door that was situation between two old fashion display windows. That was common in those days when businesses where located in the heart of the towns and cities and not in some strip mall in suburbia.

You walked through that front door into the office, then through another door which took you into the studio and then through another door to get into the control room.

It reminded me so much of the studio I worked at in Pittsburgh.  The same type of store front entrance which took you into the office, where your went through another door to the studio and then another door to the control room.

We had our dream of Elvis walking through the front door and putting us on the map.

As I stood in the front office of Sun Studios I wondered why didn’t our Elvis ever walk through our doors.

Again I think the stars just aligned for Sam Phillips, Elvis, Jerry Lee and Johnny Cash.

One thing I know for sure you can’t rely on fate to make things happen for you.

Maybe our Elvis did walk through our door or maybe the talent that started and ran the studio was our Elvis and we just couldn’t see it.

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