A Schizophrenic Made Me A Writer

“The three-act structure is intrinsic to the human brain’s model of the world” – Edoardo Nolfo

When I was young I made the mistake of stopping my piano lessons.  I took them for maybe a year or just a couple of months but it did not help that one my teachers was a nut case and her mother was a certified schizophrenic.

My older sister and I would be dropped off at her house where she and her mother lived.  We would wait in her living room for her to come in and give us our lessons.  Her mother would sometimes come into the room and tells us not to say anything to the people on the television because they were talking about her.

Since we were both kids and really didn’t understand what was going on, we both thought it was pretty funny, you know like boy what a nut.  But now when I think about it who knows what she was capable of doing.

The reason I regret giving up on piano lessons is not because I would have liked to be a keyboard player.  I regret it because it would have opened many more avenues for me musically, especially creating music.

It would have given me the ability to at least try my hand at writing songs.  But who knows with today’s technology and how rapidly it evolves maybe someday I’ll find a way to overcome my shortcomings.

One aspect of the arts that I have always enjoyed is the written word.  Unlike a lot of people I do like to read (books, not just magazines and blogs) and I do like to write.

Poetry has been a favorite.  Maybe because when I was young I enjoyed the romanticism associated with it and thought it would help me with the ladies.

I wrote some poetry in my late teens and started to see that I understood a basic writing concept.

When I write, I can write a beginning, a middle and an end.  I understand the simple concept of the three act structure.

As simple as that is I have found that many people cannot see that structure and ramble on never bringing their thoughts and/or story to a conclusion.

I’ve seen this in my two children.

My son who has his degree in journalism had that ability from a young age.

My daughter on the other hand when she was young would write pages and pages but they tended to ramble.

Both are very smart.  They just have different abilities.

Writing song lyrics is something I can do and hopefully excel at doing.  It’s a way for me to contribute to the creative process over and above laying down the foundation for the groove.

Like drumming I try to keep it simple.

Perhaps that’s why the three act structure resonates with me.  When you boil it down it’s simply a beginning, a middle and an end.

So I gave up the piano but at least I have the other half required for writing a song.  You might say a schizophrenic made me a writer.

Maybe I’ll start posting my works on this site.  I’m always opened to constructive criticism.

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