Star Trek In A Band

When I first signed up for Twitter I was trying to find something to tweet about or have some witty comment to add to someone’s tweet.

One day I read a post by Joe Bonamassa about how much he liked one of the Star Trek series.  I believe it was the “Next Generation”.

So I decided to reply and wrote  that I was a fan of the original series.  I grew up with the original Star Trek.  I then made the comment that what I really liked about the show was the comradery of the crew, and that was one thing that I was always looking for in a band.

I’ve played in maybe one or two bands.  The rest were musical groups.

So what’s the difference, the comradery, that band of brothers feeling.

A group is a number of musicians getting together and playing songs and making music.

When the gig is over they all go home or go their separate ways.  They don’t get back together until the next rehearsal or gig.  The music can be great but there is no bond other than the few minutes when they are playing a song.

When a group of musicians form an entity it’s a band.  They live, breath and eat that entity.

When practice or the gig is over they are still together reviewing results, learning, planning and reminiscing.

They may eventually go home to their separate living quarters but they wake up the next day ready to pick up right where they left off from the night before.  They are passionate about the band.

I’m not saying the musicians aren’t passionate about what they are doing.  They are extremely passionate about their music and craft.

The band musicians are passionate about the band, the entity,  as well as their own personal passions.  Those personal passions will feed into the band passions.

Band mates rise each day and call each other.  They have breakfast, lunch and dinner together.  When they are not playing they relax together.

It’s a rare bond, much like the crew of the USS Enterprise.

Sure once in a while a buxom babe comes trotting into the picture only to distract one of the crew, but she is soon devoured by some alien life form.  The loss is mourned but everyone gets their heads straight and back to the band and the task of making music.

Honestly I think I only truly found a band one time in my life.

The band I played with in Pittsburgh when I was 19 years old.

All the others were groups.  They were just crew members from different ships meeting up at some intergalactic station honing their craft and trying to find their USS Enterprise.

I don’t know if I am too old or too far removed from that life to ever find an Enterprise crew again.

Looking back I think I may have also found it when I was working at the studio in Pittsburgh, but that situation had too many guest stars that came and went.  But the core was a crew.

Maybe it’s not the situation but it’s the people.

Maybe you get too old and jaded to have something like that exist again in your life.

Maybe I have to be my own crew.  I hope not.  I miss it.

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