Audition Attitude Follow Up

I thought I would following up my last post about auditioning for bands with some details that I wrote down the day after one of the auditions.

I had the audition last night and without sounding too arrogant, of course they wanted me to join their band.  But I’m not going to get too puffed up about it.

I wasn’t disappointed with anything on my end as it was what I expected it to be.

They were a nice enough bunch of guys but not professional musicians.  They could play but what they didn’t do was listen to each other.

After the first song I could tell that no one was really listening.  Not that they didn’t hear, they just didn’t listen.

It’s just like when you hear someone talking to you but you’re not trying to understand what they are conveying to you.  You hear the words, you understand the words but you’re not putting the words together to understand the concept.  You’re too caught up in your own thoughts, the words going on inside your head.

That’s what I found last night.

Everyone is caught with what they are playing that they miss the feel of the song, the can’t find the groove.

Anyone with enough time and practice can learn the technical and mechanical aspects of an instrument but that doesn’t make them a musician.

It’s the old adage it’s now what you play but how you play it.

You learn a song.  You learn the beat, the bars, the chords, the melody, anyone can.  But it takes the right group of musicians to take it and breath life in to it.

Six different groups of musicians can give that song six different lives and all can move you emotionally.

So no, I didn’t find my crew of the Enterprise.  I found what I thought I would.

Some decent guys who learned how to play their instruments and do it on the side for fun, like pitching horseshoes or shooting pool.  But they don’t know the art that these instruments can make, or maybe I should say they know the art but they don’t know how to find it.

I’m by no means that great of a drummer and don’t profess to be one.  I certainly lack my share of technical expertise in areas, especially after putting the sticks down for so many years, but I have been blessed with a talent and insight of this art form.  I have also been blessed with meeting and knowing others who also have the talent and insight.  I just need more work.

I did agree to help them out with a gig where they are the opening act, code speak non paying gig.  I don’t have to haul my kit so I figure sure all I have to do is show up and play and I get some live work and a little (probably very little) exposure.

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