Idea Triggers II – A Cow and Job

I’ve also noticed that both writing these post and my attempts at poetry and lyrics help me gain new knowledge about myself and my subjects.

I wrote a set of lyrics using a phrase that I heard my wife say.

When we watch the weather forecast on the local television station she would say to me or our kids (when they were older) “Just once I’d like to hear the weatherman say ‘It’s raining like a cow pissing on a flat rock.’”

Now growing up in the country I know exactly what that phrase looks and sounds like so immediately it creates a pretty strong image in my head.  We had a house on farm land that my grandfather owned.  He leased this land to the farmer who owned the adjacent land and had a herd of milk cows.  So I was pretty familiar with cows and their habits when I was growing up.

Anyway I find it to be witty and catchy, so I thought it would make a great hook.

I started out by writing the chorus lyrics since that was the hook.  From those lines I determined the song is about someone having trouble in their life and it just keeps pouring down on them.

Next I thought well who or what story would have trouble just being dumped on them.  What popped into my head was Job from the Bible.

There are books in the Old Testament that I really enjoy such as Proverbs, Psalms, Ecclesiastes and Job.

So I thought Job, let’s tell the story of Job in the first voice.

First I wanted to make sure I understood to the best of my ability what the book is about.  Up to this point I had read the book maybe three times.  I knew it dealt with bad things happening to a good man for no apparent reason.  But I never had an “ah ha” moment where I thought I understood it on a gut level.

I started researching and the more I researched and read various thoughts and interpretations of the book and its meaning, the more the story and lyrics formed in my head.

When I was done I had a set of lyrics or a poem I was pretty well pleased with and a much better understanding  of the book of Job.  I think the last lines sum up my feelings on the book.

“When it’s raining like a cow pissing on a flat rock

And all you seem to have is nothing but bad luck

Times may get better your doom in not set

It may be that God and Satan just have a bet” 

It also gave me a better understanding of a piece of my spiritual life.

The same thing happens sometimes when I sit down and write out these posts.  Sometimes I find that the conclusions (unplanned and not preconceived) I come to are very enlightening for me.

I’m not saying that they’ll have this kind of impact on others but on me and that’s why I do this, for me. Not in a selfish way but in a way that relaxes and expands my thinking, even at my age.

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