Don’t Confuse B S with Business

I’m over the whole getting ditched by a band, and not a good band at that. I am confident in what I do and my abilities.  I know what is right for me.  I am confident that the right band or opportunity will come along and when it does I’ll know it. I don’t know when or where but I know it will present itself.

But now to the subject at hand for today.

Last week everyone in the office who has a company cell phone issued to them received upgrades from iPhone 4 to iPhone 5. (I know it’s up to 6 but I jotted down these thoughts a couple of months ago and besides it’s not what’s important here.)

I have had a company cell phone for years.  I went from the old flip phones, to various versions of a Blackberry to an iPhone.

I thought I was going to get my upgrade but was told you used a total of 8 voice minutes last month so you can stay at 4.  I don’t really care because now that I am no longer in management I really only use my iPhone for texting my kids and looking up stuff on the internet when I don’t have my computer.  The primary use right now is it’s my MP3 player.  It’s maxed out with music.

So here they are handing out and setting up these new iPhones around the office and I am watching as the company bullshitter (every office has one but I’d put ours up against any in the world, honest) gets her’s upgraded.  As they are giving her the new iPhone this thought crossed my mind.

Don’t confuse bullshit with business.

If anyone knows me they know one thing about me.  I don’t talk much and the more people in the conversation the less I talk.

However if I am confident in what I am saying and talking about, and I understand the subject I have no problem holding my own in the conversation.

But I am not a bullshitter.

People might say well that really hurts in sales.  You’ve got to be able to bullshit.  I say that’s bullshit.

Bullshit doesn’t sell.  Bullshit doesn’t get the job done.  At best it may entertain and at worst it repels.

In music and creative writing or any writing less is more.  The art in life is to convey the most with as little as possible.

And you have to be honest.

In any endeavor you first have to understand and the only way to understand is to listen.

You can talk and talk and talk.  Most people do and most people talk and talk and talk just to hear themselves.  They love the sound of their voice.  The problem is when they finally shut up they haven’t learned a thing.

All they did was spew what they already know and they empty that tank pretty quick.  So to keep the love affair with their own voice going they make it up.   And most of the time they are not very good at that.

Don’t confuse bullshit with improvisation.

Improvisation is being able to tap a deep well of knowledge which you obtained by shutting up and listening over the years.  You go into that well and retrieve the knowledge creating on the fly.

Bullshit is being a liar and good ones are quick with the lies.  Nothing very creative just the same formula of lies and deception with everyone and it’s not necessarily to harm the recipient but more to protect the giver.  They use the bullshit to hide from themselves.  They’ve lied so much that they can’t even be truthful to themselves.

Bullshit is lies, improvisation is honesty.

You have bullshit musicians, writers and  artists and some are very good but they aren’t honest with themselves or what they do.  It may be impressive at first but it won’t stand up.

Anyway back to the 8 minutes on my iphone.

I would wager that in the course of a month I did more good for the company with my 8 lousy minutes of phone conversation than the office bullshitter, although they would lead you to believe that they single handed kept the company running.

I guess if profits were based on the number of words coming out of their mouth they would be correct.

When I worked one of my first “regular” jobs someone said to my boss, “he sure doesn’t say too much”. My boss replied  “he’s a man of few words, but a man of action can afford to be a man of few words.”

Not sure who said that first but I liked it and it’s stuck with me every since.

Don’t confuse bullshit with business.

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6 thoughts on “Don’t Confuse B S with Business

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  2. I think a lot of people misunderstand that concept. You DO have to bullshit to be in sales, but not the way you’re describing here. ‘Sales-bullshit’ is stuff like being friendly to everyone even if you’re having a terrible day personally. It’s no fun but it IS required to be a good salesperson. That does -not- mean lying about the products or anything else important to the customer, though.


    • Chemire – Thanks for your comment. I would say what you talking about is just being professional. Bullshit is bullshit and there is no place for it in any business. It soon gets sniffed out. Again thanks for reading and commenting its great to have a discussion.


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