Carrot or Jackass

I’m catching up on some topics that I had made notes about.  When I’m at work or home and something pops into my head and I think that would make a good topic for a post I’ll write it down and put it in the front of my journal just like I do for my lyrics/poetry.    It’s great for days when I don’t have a specific topic, but I want to stay in the writing habit I have developed.

Today is one of those days I went to the well for an idea.

The other day I observed a company where the ownership can sometimes become desperate for business.

Ever since I starting observing this company their sales negotiations has always seemed to be from a point of weakness, at least on the potentially big sales.  They are not willing to walk away from less than profitable business or they will allow profitable sales to become less than profitable just for the sake of keeping the business.

They always seem to be the party chasing the carrot.

Think about that analogy.  Who or what is always chasing the carrot.  Do you see some poor dumb animal strapped to a cart with a long pole strapped to its back.  Dangling from the end of the pole just out of its reach is the carrot, that coveted prize.

What is the poor dumb animal who is chasing that carrot, pulling someone else’s burdens and never getting its just rewards?

It’s a donkey or better yet an ass, a jackass.

That’s what you become when you negotiate and you allow the other party to dangle that carrot for you to chase.  You’ll end up pulling their burden, getting your ass beat and never get the carrot.

You have to be willing to walk away from the deal and then you will shift the power to your side.

Put the carrot out there for the other side.  Let them chase it.  Let them pull their burden but at the end give them their just reward.

There are a lot of folks out there in business and life who will dangle that carrot just to manipulate you into pulling their burdens.  But they won’t last too long as long as you don’t allow it.

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