Content Marketing – I Get It

I think I finally understand content marketing at a gut level.  The light bulb went off the other day as I was watching a YouTube video, The Scarecrow posted by Chipotle Mexican Grill.

I have read countless articles and blog posts that talked about the subject of content marketing. I understood when they wrote about interesting content and engaging customers and fans, etc.

But today the “simple, stupid” part of it finally hit me, the basic reason as to why and what content marketing is all about.

When I was growing up you had television and radio as your electronic entertainment. That’s it.  They were the YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, itunes, Reverbnation, Spotify , etc. of my younger days.

And at that time there was no cable television, at least where we lived.  We had an antenna that was on top of a long pole fastened to the side of our house. We were able to receive three channels and if the weather was right maybe four. (NBC, CBS, ABC, and the local UHF station)  I can remember my dad sending me outside with a pipe wrench to turn the antenna as he would yell instructions telling me which direction to turn until the picture was as clear as possible.

Television broadcast days began around 6:00 AM and the programming to start the day was usually a local farm report show.  The day would conclude at 1:00 AM right after “The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson” with the playing of the national anthem.  Then it was nothing but static until 6:00 AM came around again.

Radio was your main source for music. You had a few more stations than television and on clear nights you could pick up stations as far away as Chicago.  The music was mainly “top forty” so you were fed what the record companies paid the stations to play and they all pretty much played the same “top forty” tunes.  There were some religious stations with local gospel groups but they weren’t very good and the two hours a week that my parents dragged me to church was enough religion for a kid.

In the early seventies as FM stations started to grow you did have alternative stations crop up and they were pretty cool.

You went to the record store to buy your music.  Most of it was based on what was playing on the radio.

Your entertainment sources via electronic or mass media were very limited in those days, especially when you compare them to what’s available today.

Advertiser had a captive audience.   We didn’t have remote controls to change the channel when a commercial came on (unless you were rich) and no DVR’s to fast forward through them either.

So you were literally a captive audience and the advertising strategy was to shove it down your throat because they could.  It wasn’t about quality it was about quantity.

Play the horrible commercial every hour on the hour for weeks on end and suddenly something I didn’t want or need I had to have.

Today entertainment outlets are almost infinite.  So if your ad is a piece of crap for something I could care less about guess what, skip.

So now Mr. Marketer has to do something to get my attention.  That is a very difficult task in today’s attention deficit world.

What do you need? Content, quality content to make me stop, look and listen.  You need quality content to engage me, make me think about what you’re saying to make me listen to your value proposition.

So there it is my take on “content marketing”, from a gut level and not just a book learning level.

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