I Am a Drummer

One thing that I have been adverse to is being called a percussionist.

Getting back into music after so many years I feel that learning and mastering a drum kit is plenty for me right now.  It is something I will continue to improve and learn new techniques and licks until I can’t do it anymore or die, whichever comes first.  I hope death because after not doing it and then getting back into it, I can’t imagine a life where I don’t play drums in some capacity.

As I am drawn more and more to recording and the possibilities of being able to record at home at I have started to become more interested in percussion tracks to compliment my drum tracks.  So I think about learning and experimenting with various new percussive instruments.

If I was in my twenties again or younger I might even think about taking up some melodic instruments but with all that I have going on at this point in my life, work and drums are more than enough.  Maybe when I retire from this job I’ll have the time to fool around with other instruments.

I have considered starting to mess around with melodic percussive instruments like a xylophone or marimbas.  With all the auctions, flea markets and yard sales my wife and I go to who knows what I may find that would interest me.

I read an article about Stewart Copeland and in that article he stated that thanks to Ebay he owns the world’s largest collection of cheap instruments.

Now I don’t have the training, background or talent that he does but I thought that might be a great thing to do.  Just find ones that interest you, don’t invest a lot of money so you don’t feel obligated to do anything with it.  Then like a kid rediscovering an old toy one day you pick it up and start fooling around with it.  Before you know it you’re saying to yourself this is great why didn’t  I do this before.

I am a drummer.  I’ve always been a drummer.  I’m also a musician and maybe now I’m looking to move into being an artist, but right now I’m a drummer and I’m happy with that.  Maybe not satisfied but happy.

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