Carving Out Time

I can’t get over how hard it is to carve out a block of time to concentrate on lyric/poem writing.

For two days my wife has been in Texas with her mother visiting her sister.  My grandson is at his father’s house, my son works at night and my daughter goes to school in the evenings so when I get home from work I am alone.

But each night after I get done with my daily obligations and self imposed routines I’m left with about an hour to myself.  The self imposed routine does include about an hour of drum practice time each day and I don’t want to stop that.

Once I get to the point where most of the interruptions are gone I just want to sit down and stare at the TV.

I thought for sure I would have spent at least a couple of hours writing by now, but so far it’s been practice, bills, family obligations, groceries and general home maintenance.

Tonight there will be no exceptions.

First I need to cut the grass as soon as I get home from work.  Then I will need to practice drums and now tonight my daughter has off school but decided to schedule fire training so I’ll be watching my grandson.  I love my grandson dearly and he is a great kid, no trouble at all to watch but now I can’t isolate myself to write.

I’ll probably work on marketing an amp and guitar I’m trying to sell in order to use the funds to buy recording equipment.

I may try writing, who knows maybe something in the atmosphere may trigger some creativity.

But I have to figure out a way to carve out some quality writing time.  Just like I do for writing these posts.

It’s not that I need to write for monetary gain (although I won’t refuse it) or for hopes of establishing some sort of successful career.  No I need to do it just to practice, just like playing drums I need to practice and improve.

If something more comes from it great.  If not that’s ok too.  The release is just as important as the work.

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