No Dynamics and Monotony

I have discovered that even though my playing roots go back to the hard rock days with bands like Led Zeppelin, early Black Sabbath, Ritchie Blackmore, etc., at this point in my life I enjoy much more the laid back blues and rock and roll type music.

When I was learning songs for a band that did more hard rock I thought I would enjoy the gig and getting back to a style I played when I was much, much younger.

I realized after playing 4 or 5 of the songs, which were basically the same hard rock type songs, that a certain monotony would set in.

It was kind of tough to be dynamic with these songs that all seem to be at the same level.  That coupled with musicians who seem to have a very limited dynamic range made it very tiring after a couple of songs.  I’m talking about some of the current bands who were influenced by many of the same artists that I was when I was young.

Physically I was getting myself back into playing shape but mentally I realized how fatiguing it would be to play these same style of songs at the same volume throughout the night.

Now I know to steer clear of the hard rock/metal ads.  It would really have to be the right situation to pursue that genre and I don’t see that happening in my location.

So after spending time with this music and then realizing it wasn’t going to happen I went back to rehearsing the music that I enjoy.

I still do and always have played with authority but I noticed how much more relaxed this music was compared to what I had just been working on.  There seems to be a more sweeping flow to this type of playing, more curves so to speak.  The hard rock was so much more attacking and the blues and rock and roll was gliding.

I do still enjoy pounding out a hard driving hard rock song.  It can be great fun.  It’s a different feel but to do it song after song is no longer what I am looking for.

I guess that’s what a lot of the process is about.  Discovering what I am as an artist.  Discovering where I am as an artist and where do I want to go with my art.

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