All About The Groove II

It’s all about the groove.  I’ve written about it and named my blog after it.

This morning while I was traveling to my desk job I was thinking about music which is what I tend to do most of the time.  I was thinking about what I had written in my previous post.

Any good music, music that grabs you from bar one has a groove.

You may say what about music like classical music or music that has no drums, no back beat.  I say if its good it has a groove.

The groove is what you ride in as you travel through the song.  Everything else is scenery.

In most modern music the drums and bass lay down the foundation of the groove.  Rhythm riffs from guitars, keyboards and horns add to it and enhance the groove.

In some music without drums the bass may lay it down.  In some music that has no bass (traditional bass guitar or bottom end instrument) the holes left by the other musicians can establish the groove.

But it has to be there.

Violins or string sections by themselves might make the groove.  It might not be a pulsing, throbbing groove.  It might be one that floats you through the song.  But if it’s good it’s there.

You don’t have to find the groove it finds you.  Most people don’t consciously know it but they feel it.

In my quest to understand what makes one song/recording good and another mediocre when the apparent technical level of the artist is a narrow separation, I have found the number one ingredient is the groove.

It’s all about the groove and I thank James Brown for that lesson and whoever he learned it from and so on and so on.

I was always aware of the groove but as I grow older and experience more I am understanding just how deep the groove is.

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