Joe Bonamassa – Buy My Twin

Two things happened to me over a past weekend and one I want to write about in this post.

It was another weekend where I was once again in the vast wasteland of Facebook searching for that one nugget of useful or interesting information.  As I was scrolling down the page there it was!

A post from Joe Bonamassa about how his recording session went for that day and the fact that he had blown up not one but two Fender Twin Reverb amps.

In case you hadn’t read in one of my previous posts (Home Recording Studio – Learning Lessons) I just happen to have an original 1967 Fender Twin Reverb for sale, which for the right person is a valuable piece of equipment.  About a week prior to this I had tweeted a picture of it to Joe Bonamassa as well as a couple of other prominent guitar players I follow on Twitter.  All people I thought would appreciate this vintage piece of Fender history.  I did this with no real expectations other than let’s see what happens because what have I got to lose.


1967 Original Fender Twin Reverb

After seeing the most recent post from Joe Bonamassa I decided to resend him the tweet about the amp and much to my surprise he responded to my tweet and started following me.

I am 99.9% sure that he runs his own Twitter account as most of his tweets are regular guy kind of tweets about himself and what’s going on in his life, not just hey buy my tickets, records and stuff.  They are not the standard self promoting kind of stuff I see from some other famous people that I follow.  You know the kind that you can tell some social media marketing intern is in charge of running.

I thought it was really cool that he responded to me in a personal manner and started to follow me.

That day Joe Bonamassa got a fan for life.  The power of a properly run social media account was demonstrated to me first hand.

After his first response I sent back a reminder that the amp is for sale and again he commented on how great it looked, about the speakers I had installed and then asked me how much I wanted for it.

I guess I wanted too much because he never responded to the price.  I guess he was being polite.

Selling Joe Bonamassa my amp would have been way beyond cool but what was exciting to me was the ability to interact with a musician of his caliber.

When I was a kid growing up in rural South Central Pennsylvania your hopes of interacting with your favorite bands and musicians was about zero to none.

This weekend I really learned the power of social media.  That’s why I pour through the muck and self absorption of social media, to mine those little nuggets and learn about the power of the tools.

Plus being able to interact with Joe Bonamassa was pretty cool.

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