My Old Vinyl Record Collection

Today I’ll write about the other discovery I made over a past weekend.

I rediscovered my old vinyl record collection.  The best part was they all appear to be in good condition.

My vinyl record collection which I amassed from the late sixties through the late eighties has been in my basement in boxes for the past 23 years.  They had been kept in a room that was roughly fifteen or twenty feet long by five to six feet wide.  This room was located off of my basement office under my concrete front porch and was better suited for a wine cellar than a place to store records.

This room rarely sees light and never sees sunlight.  It does not benefit from the dehumidifier in the summer or the warmth of the wood stove in the winter.

But something on this particular weekend told me to go down and dig out my vinyl records and so I did.

I located the boxes that contained my collection which is right around 300 albums.  Next I moved enough junk out of the way so I was able to bring the boxes out into my office area in the basement.

After returning the junk back into its rightful resting place and removing some empty electronic appliance boxes (God only knows we hung onto them) I sat down, open the boxes of albums and had a look.

I pulled out a couple of albums and was over joyed to see they had a minimal about of mold or mildew on the covers.  Then I removed the records from the cover and inspected them.  They appeared no worse than the day I boxed them up and put them away.

I had other chores to take care of that day but was filled with anticipation as I thought about going through each box, record by record and rediscovering my past.

What a thrill finding records and artists I use to listen to religiously.  Every listening session in those day was devoted to digesting every sound coming out of the groove.

Then there was reviewing every square inch of the artwork, photographs and text on the cover, sleeve and any inserts.

And I remembered how I use to dream about being a parts of something that is this good.

I was rediscovering artist I had totally forgotten. (See my previous post Top Ten Vinyl Albums I Forgot.)  I spend two hours the first night cleaning and remembering.

I took me a total of six hours to clean every album in my collection.

I spent the next day after getting all the records cleaned searching high and low, from attic to basement, looking for my Technics turntable.  For the life of me I cannot find it or even remember what I did with it.  I still have my amp and even held onto my speakers that my son as a toddler had taken a fork to the speakers, why would I get rid of my turntable?

I ended up getting a Technics off of Craigslist and pair of JBL bookshelf speakers off of Ebay.

I was pretty excited to start listening to them and rediscovered some really great albums and artists.

I loved doing the comparison between the analog and digital, but since my current equipment isn’t as high end as I like I can’t really say definitively which I like best.

At first the snap, crackle and pop of the forest fire going on on some of the records took a little getting use to but once I starting listening to the music it disappeared just like it did when I was young.   There are a couple albums that I literally played the grooves off the record and at this point are unlistenable.

What I really noticed was the fact that every 20 to 25 minutes I have to get up and flip over the record or find a new one to play.  That wasn’t an issue when I was young and didn’t know anything different. Now with my Itunes and over 1800 songs I start it and don’t ever have to touch it.

Rediscovering this collection was worth every bit of time and money I put into it.

I’m not going to run out and by all vinyl at this point, the digital is just too convenient, but I have experienced many hours and will continue to experience many more hours of listening pleasure just like the old days.

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