My Home Recording Studio

Home Recording Studio:

I have read so much about this subject and in previous posts I have written about my home office/soon to be home recording studio.

Well I have finally taken the plunge.  After much research and discussion I made my decision and ordered my gear.

I thought it may be interesting to following the process and let you see the results and at some point hear the results.  You can judge and comment on the decisions I’ve made on what to buy based on what I am trying to achieve.

Determining Equipment

The first thing I felt I needed to do was to research and determine what did I need to buy.  Just like when I bought my last drum kit and cymbals I was overwhelmed by the variety and possibilities of recording equipment available for home use.  And just like drums and cymbals I discovered you could spend a modest amount or a very large amount of money.

I needed to determine what were my expectations?  I knew I wasn’t looking to record state of the art incredible sounding drum tracks, but I did want to have good sounding drum tracks that could be sent to an engineer or another musician.  Tracks that could be used for quality demos and online collaboration.

If  the situation ever became really serious I’d be heading to a professional studio where they have the resources and the need to invest the big money.  But at least this setup would help me learn and polish my recording abilities.

Gear List

Now knowing what I wanted to achieve I next consulted with my good friend and very experienced recording and sound guy Barney Lee who in turn turned me onto his contact at Sweetwater Music. So here is my setup.


MacBook Pro – For audio recording and the software that is available I can think of no other way to go.  After years of the business world PCs I am finally a Mac owner.

Scarlett 18i20 Focusrite Audio Interface – Had the eight mic inputs that I needed as a drummer to get started with recording my acoustic kits.

Samson 8Kit Drum Mic Kit – For starting out and looking to lay down some decent sounding tracks for demos and collaboration you can’t beat the price.  All the reviews were good.  I may find that over time I need to upgrade but this will do for now, especially with a tight budget.

Logic Pro X – Looks like an economical way to get into the DAW software especially for the Apple products.  This software along with Garageband which came with my Mac will keep me busy learning for a long time.  I’m a virgin at this home recording stuff and Macs.

JBL LSR308 8” Powered Studio Monitors – I was able to go out to a music store and at least A/B these speakers before making my final decision.  I checked them against Rockit, Mackey and couple of other brands in this price range and the JBL’s had the best response and tightest sound to my ears.

Beyerdynamic DT770 M Closed 80 Monitor Headphones – I was told these isolate very well which will be very helpful since I have no engineer in a control room to help me with getting my sounds.

Novation Launchkey Mini  USB MIDI Controller –   Besides the required mic cables and mic stands I bought this MIDI controller.  I thought it might come in handy if I try my hand at song writing.

I also ordered some replacement parts for my Alesis DM10 Studio electronic drum kit but they ended up on backorder which seems to be the norm for Alesis.  Instead of ordering another Alesis Stealthkick which I have already gone through two of those I ordered the Roland version to see if it’s more durable.

So now here I am with all this great new gear, like a kid on Christmas morning.

Time to rearrange the office into a studio.

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