There Is No Substitute For Experience

My age serves me and hurts me.

But there is no substitute for experience.

Through the last 35 to 40 years of my life I have gained considerable knowledge.

Knowledge about the simple rules of business and life, rules that transcend all industries, styles, ethnicities, etc.

Like “Simple Stupid”, it works in business, communications, art and every situation I can think of.

These experiences, even though many of them did not involve music or drums, have led me to an understanding about music and drumming that I did not possess when I was immersed in music full time in my younger days.

After walking far, far away from it and then coming back to it I have gained a much deeper understanding.

I always knew about such clichés as “the groove”, “less is more”,  “holes and spaces”,  and “the music breathing” and I understood the concepts.   But after removing myself from music and then coming back to play for the sheer joy and self gratification that I experience, I started to realize these things at a deep gut level.

The more I listen and play the deeper it goes.

The downside to walking away is all the playing time and experience I lost that I will never be able to make up.

Not playing a note for over 25 years has hurt my technical ability.  And I lost most of my contacts, like ninety nine percent of my network.  This has made it very difficult for me to find a band.

Sometimes I think about if I had both the life experience and continued my playing experience what would it have done for me and to me?

I can’t look back and “what if” anything.

So I’ll just take what I have learned and see if this white beard and I can get it going again.

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