At Least I Got Something Accomplished

I just finished another set of song lyrics.  I wanted to write about it to express the amount of accomplishment I feel whenever I complete a new set.

Maybe only one or two people will ever read them and even though I may never hear them in a song at least I did something that came to a conclusion.

The frustration of not being able to find a band does work on me.

You practice and practice with no feedback other than how you feel you are doing and knowing or at least feeling like your playing is improving.  I know it is improving but what’s really frustrating is if I were playing gigs 2 or 3 times a month or more it would improve exponentially.

It’s also nice to learn a song for a purpose, again to achieve that feeling of accomplishment.

Perhaps my frustration is rising even more due to what I experience the other weekend.

A friend of mine from high school is a drummer.  I think he use to look up to me as a drummer and invites me to come out and hear his band.

Where my frustration lies is here he is in not one but two bands and gigging two to four times a month.  Am I a bit jealous?  Sure but still good for him.

So on a Saturday night I decided to go see him play in one of the two bands.  I figured I should be respectful of the invitations to go and see him play and looked at it as a chance to enlarge my music network.

I arrive at the bar around 10:15 PM.  It has a small parking lot out front and it’s full.  I go around to the back lot which is much larger and it’s so full I can barely navigate my truck through the lot looking for a space.  There is nowhere to park and I’m not taking the chance of getting ticketed or towed if I park in one of the neighboring parking lots.

The only thing I know to do is to go back home and shoot him a message about not being able to find a place to park and I’ll catch him at his next gig.

But now I’m thinking here is this weekend warrior type drummer gigging out regularly and to a packed house.  Meanwhile I can’t find a band and the one I was with when I restarted my career didn’t always play to what I would call a decent crowd.  I remember one carnival that had maybe two people actually sitting in the stands listening and that includes my dad and my sister.

I guess I just have to fight through this frustration. .

This is why I am so satisfied when I finish my lyrics.  They may not be the best, may not even be that good but at least I feel like I’ve accomplished something.

I’m moving forward and can build off of that.

I soon have to start posting some of these lyrics/poetry for you to check out.

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