Simple But Well Crafted

I wrote this post while sitting on the beach last year.  I was on vacation with my entire family which I really enjoy.

This morning we were sitting watching television.  The channel must have been on Comedy Central because we were watching a performance by a new “hip” young comedian.  I don’t even remember his name.

I found him to be somewhat funny but certainly not to the point where I thought every joke was funny.  As is the trend with the new “hip” comedians he had to work in some sexual and sophomoric humor.

At one point I looked over at my wife and she was laughing which is odd because usually I’m the one finding the humor in the sophomoric comedy.  I said to her “I guess you find this funny?”  This made her laugh even more.

She then made a commented about how I find nothing funny.

This is not true.  I find lots of humor in the world I’m just not a big fat laugh out loud kind of guy.  .

I can find something hilarious but tend to hold in my laughter.  My eyes may water but you won’t hear a big belly laugh out of me.

Later we were all watching one of my favorite old shows, “The Andy Griffith Show”.  I love that show but only the old black and white episodes with Don Knotts.

During one scene they made a very simple but well crafted joke, an almost obvious joke.  One of those that you could see coming from a mile away but it made me laugh out loud.

When I thought about it I guess it all goes back to the simple stupid stuff that I love.

A simple well crafted joke captures everyone’s attention, even those who are too “hip” to admit it.  I know I use to be one of those.  It captures everyone’s attention just like a simple well crafted piece of music.

When it’s simple and well crafted it’s easy to find the groove.

The simplicity and craftsmanship of The Andy Griffith Show coupled with the fact that Mayberry reminds me of the times and the small towns I grew up around explains why I have such an affection for that show.

Simple but well crafted, another mantra to live by.

It’s all about the groove and simple but well crafted.  You can’t go wrong.

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