The Chewbacca Defense

The Chewbacca Defense, I first heard this expression about a month ago while watching an old South Park episode.

I am a fan of South Park.   Even when I feel they have gone over the top I still watch and I still love it. My wife thinks it’s stupid.   I guess it’s like the Three Stooges (the Curly Three Stooges), guys love them and girls think they’re stupid.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about take a minute and watch the videos and you’ll get the essence of The Chewbacca Defense.

I’ll bet everyone knows someone who is a faithful practitioner of The Chewbacca Defense.

Politicians don’t count.  They have refined it to a fine art and made it into a career.

I’ve known a couple of practitioners in my life but by far the best one is the office bullshitter, the one I mentioned in my previous post “Don’t Confuse BS with Business”.

You have all encountered the person who uses this defense.

You have them dead to rights on a problem or issue or error they made and they immediately go into The Chewbacca Defense mode.

They talk about all sorts of unrelated issues (look at the monkey), avoid giving you a straight answer and then go into some convoluted reasoning soliloquy until you have just had enough, lose interest, give up and walk away.

Now they feel they have won.

As I said earlier, politicians are masters at this strategy.

Maybe the best defense to the Chewbacca Defense is to give it right back.

For every inane, cryptic, moronic answer they give you ask a follow-up question that is equal in irrelevance and stupidity.  When they break out the smoke and mirrors you blow more smoke.

Now it’s just a battle of wills.  Who can endure this useless conversation the longest?

But alas the bullshitter will win because it’s what they do.  All honest sensible human beings know that life is too short for such nonsense and choose to walk away to do something that matters.

No wonder Gerald Broflouski  fears the Chewbacca Defense.  Normal human beings cannot withstand such nonsense, nor should they want to.

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