A Shoe for the Middle Foot

In the past I wrote about a vivid dream that I had and today I thought I would write about a dream I had two nights ago.

There were a lot of aspects about this dream that were the usual nonsense associated with dreams.  Stuff that was so disjointed that it’s impossible to remember in any type of detail.

But just like the last dream I wrote about there was a portion of this dream that stuck with me.

Does it have any significance?  I don’t know.

For some reason I was suiting up in some sort of weird football uniform in order to play in a youth football game.  The pants were like burlap.

I went to put on my shoes which looked like hillbilly boots and as I looked down I noticed I had three normal legs. There was nothing sexual about it not like the standard third leg penis euphemisms.  I just had three normal sized legs and what was really odd is I didn’t find anything unusual about that.

I reached down and put my left shoe on my left foot and my right shoe on my right foot.

I then looked at my third shoe and saw that it was for the right foot so I put it on my middle foot but it doesn’t feel right.  Then I’m wondering do I have the correct shoes on my feet or should the shoe I’m trying to put on my middle foot really be on my left foot.

Now I’m thinking they really should make a shoe for the middle foot, one that is symmetrical like my middle foot.

All of these thoughts that are going through my head seem perfectly normal to me.  I’m actually saying to myself “Hey I’m on to something here, a shoe for the middle foot, what a great idea.”

That’s where my recollections end.

I don’t know if there is any meaning to that dream but two days later I can still clearly recall how natural if felt having this third leg and foot.  The memory is as if it actually happened to me.

Last night I did have a dream that I can vaguely remember.  Jennifer Anniston walked in on me in my underwear and I hid from her.  But that’s it and believe me I know it was just a dream.

But the dream from two nights ago is still vivid in my mind.  I guess it will fade like most memories.

I have been dreaming a lot over the past three days.  It must be the wine I had with dinner those three evenings.

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