The Need to Play

Last year while I was on vacation at Dewey Beach I had a brief experience.  From that brief experience I learned or maybe I should say reaffirmed what I already knew.

After it happened and I spent some time thinking about it I wanted to write about it.

Around 4 or 5 PM one day while at the beach my son, my grandson and I decided to walk a couple of blocks from our villa to get some take out beer.

When we get to the liquor store I realize that my grandson is too young to go in.  I tell my son go in and buy the beer I’ll wait outside with my grandson.

The liquor store just happens to be right beside one of the larger and better know clubs at Dewey Beach, “The Bottle and Cork”.  This club has some pretty well known acts come through for being located in the small resort area of Dewey Beach and Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.  In fact we were leaving to go home on a Thursday and that Friday the Robert Randolph band was the booked act.

I say to my grandson let’s go over by The Bottle and Cork and see if we can get a look inside.  It’s around 5 PM the band scheduled for that night must be setting up.

As we walk over and try to get a peek I hear the band start to do some sound checks.  The keyboards and drums start playing some impromptu riffs.

It’s a semi outdoor stage and dance floor.  At this point I’m just dying to get over that wall and watch.

Like a man who knows his long lost love is on the other side I was really wanting to get over there and play even if it was to just sit in on that little impromptu sound check.

I could feel an actual tug on my heart, my chest.  You know like the “force”.

As brief as that little encounter was I knew it was what I need to do.  I need to play with other musicians.  I need that connection again in my life.

It was brief but it was deep.

As I walked away I was surprised by the power that little moment had on me.

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