My Five Favorite Rudiments

I have written about the 40 drum rudiments and how important they are for developing and maintaining skills as a drummer.

I practice them about 20 minutes each day sometimes longer and I use them to start every practice.

I started thinking about how they feel when I’m running through them.  How some seem to be more fun or just feel better than others.  Between the rhythm and the feel some of them flow through my arms and wrists almost putting me in some sort of tribal trance.

So I thought why not list my five favorites.

It could be more than five but let’s start with five.

I usually run through my rudiments in the following order splitting them over two practice sessions.

The first session would consist of:

  • Single Stroke Rolls
  • Paradiddles
  • Flams

The second session would consist of:

  • Single Stroke Rolls (I always do them for warm ups.)
  • Double Stroke Rolls
  • Drags

I really don’t have any favorites in the Single Stroke Rolls.  Generally I’m just trying to get my old tight wrists loose.

Double Stroke Rolls 

  Five Stroke Roll – Something just feels good about those quick short bursts.


Paradiddle diddle – This was one that was added to the original 26 standard rudiments.  I can actually do this one with more speed and accuracy than all the other paradiddle rudiments.

Flams – This is probably my favorite category of rudiments so I’m going to pick two from this one and could easily make it four or more.

Flamacue – I just love the rhythm, the accent on “E” and the way you have to snap the sticks.


Swiss Army Triplet – The bouncy rhythm makes me think of the Swiss Guard.  I guess that’s the power of suggestion


Drags – These seem to be more popular among other drummers, especially the ratamacues,  but I am kind of partial to the flams, that’s why I only picked one.

Double Dragadiddle – It’s a combination of the drags and the paradiddle and to me it’s just fun.

I’ll keep working on all of them and maybe in a couple of months five different rudiments will become my favorites.

But no matter which rudiment I am working on I love the feel of my wrists loosening up more and more as I go through each one.

What are your five favorite rudiments?

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