I ❤ Home Recording

I have my home recording studio up and running and I love every minute I spend with it.  Even when I’m frustrated because something isn’t working, which is usually caused by my ignorance, I love figuring out the problem.

With the advances of technology I am able to actually try my hand at writing some songs.  They are more like sketches of songs and basics grooves.  After getting these basic ideas down, usually with a bass and keyboards, I’ll then lay down some drum tracks with either the electronic kit or the acoustic kit.

Over the past two weeks I was able to lay down two basic ideas for songs and I was astounded that they sounded pretty good.  I was very pleased with myself if I might say so.

Yea I know I wrote them so my judgment may be just a bit impaired by my ego.

But honestly I think they are pretty good.

Let’s put it this way, they are a good start, a nice base to build on.  With the right musicians I’d bet dollars to donuts they’ll turn out better than I would have ever expected based on my lack of knowledge on music theory.

What the hell, when the time is right maybe I’ll put them up on this site for everyone to listen.  Then you can tell me if I’m on to something or just plain delusional.

I guess why I’m so pleased with myself is I consider myself just a drummer, a good one, but just a drummer.

I can count to four.  Sometimes they make me count to five and even seven but usually it’s four.

Someone tried to get me to count to nine but I just counted to five and then four.

Three is cool too.

The guitar player or keyboard player or singer says let’s do it in A instead of C and I say sure why not.  What do I care?

So for me to sit by myself, write music and not have it sound like something done by a five year old is pretty impressive to me.

I just fool around with the notes until it sounds right.  Sometime I just stumble onto it and the next time I search and search.

I will say that GarageBand, as basic as it is, is a pretty powerful tool for me.  I have not used any of the “loops”, especially the drum loops.  Nor have I used GarageBand Drummer.

No way, I’m a drummer and that would be sacrilegious.

Garageband is a jig for me.  I don’t feel that the software wrote any part of the song for me.  It’s a tool that allows me to express myself in a way that was impossible when I was young and in the business.

I love this process and each day I get bummed out because I have to go off and waste eight hours of my day making a living.

That’s why I savor the time I get to spend in my home studio.  A whole new world has been opened to me.

I now need to learn the ins and outs of these tools, especially recording real instruments mainly my acoustic kit.

I am a drummer and I’m not a recording engineer and it’s not hard to tell.

I’ll keep working.

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