Do It For Yourself

The other day when I completed a new set of song lyrics I took some time to reread some of my previous pieces.

I really liked some of them and was surprised at how well I thought they read.

You can read some of my stuff on my Poetry page.

One thing that I have learned is to play and write for yourself.  That is where the honesty comes from.

I consider myself to be the best judge of my work because I am the one that I am doing it for.

Of course I would like others to like it, compliment it and give me constructive criticism, but if I am not pleased with my work I feel it’s not that good.

I will use who and what I consider to be the best as my point of comparison.  Even when I know my work cannot compare I use it to keep me looking to improve.

Why compare yourself to mediocrity?

If I can’t produce a product or piece of work that is no better then mediocre then I need to go back and keep working or just hang it up and pursue some other interest.

The only thing to compare your work to is the best.  You will always be looking up.

My only concern is am I delusional about my work.

I have seen so many people through my life who are delusional.  Not certifiable (well some are) but certainly in denial.  People who should really have someone tell them hang it up and pursue something you’re good at and have a talent to do.  They would be doing them a big favor.

So every now and then that little piece of doubt creeps in on me.  That’s when you seek out the opinions of others, especially those you respect in the field of your endeavor.

But if you are honest about your work you are your toughest critic.

Much like when you redo a room in your house.

Overall it looks great except for that one little flaw tucked away in the corner. The one you figure no one will notice.

No one will ever notice it unless you point it out, but you know it’s there.

Every time you enter that room your eye goes directly to that one flaw and you say to yourself I should have gone back and fixed that.  I shouldn’t have left it go.

Even if you leave the house for a couple of months you think that maybe you won’t notice it when you come back.  No, the flaw is always there staring you in the face saying get it right before you move on.

Delusional to perfectionist, I guess they balance each other and keep my ego in check.

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