Click Track – The Guardrail of the Tempo Highway

I thought today might be a good time to write a follow up on practicing with a click track.

There is a metronome function on my electronic kit and I have been using this for a number of months for practicing with a click track.

My practice time has changed and most days it’s after 8:00 PM until I can get down to my studio to practice.  I don’t want to disturb everyone so I use the electronic kit.  I know that I have to get back to practicing more on my acoustic kits.

I haven’t used the metronome as often as I would like.  I really can’t play along to any songs using it so I do tend to get a bit bored just playing different grooves to a click track.

Generally when I do practice with the click track I set a speed and play various rhythms along with the clicks.  I try being creative and image various styles of songs that would be appropriate for the speed I am currently using.

I do this maybe once or twice a week and probably should get it up to two to three times per week.  However since I am doing more home recording I am now using the click track even more.

When I’m not recording, my practice sessions consist of twenty to thirty minutes on rudiments followed by another twenty to third minutes on the kit either playing along with new songs that I want to learn to push my comfort zone or playing along to a click track as described above.

I have become more comfortable with the click track but still have improvements to make.

I like to think that I am a rock solid drummer (what drummer doesn’t) but I realize that I have a penchant for rushing some of my fills (what drummer doesn’t or didn’t at one time) so the click track really does help me with that.

My problem is I start trying to play with the click track and stop playing with the music.  I have to learn to train myself to play with the music while using the click track for reference.

To me it’s like guardrails going down a narrow highway.  You don’t want to be constantly bumping into them but you like having them there to keep you on the road just in case you start to stray.

I have to stop staring at them as I drive down the road because I’m afraid I’ll hit one.  I have to just relax, know they are there and enjoy the ride and the scenery.

I’ll make an effort to bump up my click track practice and check back in with my progress.

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