My Affirmation

I wrote this piece in my journal about three months before I started this blog and wanted to share it today.

Today I had a bit of clarity about wanting to start a blog and share my experience with anyone who cares to listen.

The more I researched about blogging and becoming a blogger the more I became confused and apprehensive.  I found things like SEO, keywords, links, back links and on and on, somewhat intimidating.

I was worrying about writing and at the same time making sure I am using keywords, and optimizing my SEO and getting others to like my blog and link to my blog.

More and more every day as I did more research I felt like I was moving further away from writing and towards marketing.

It just felt like I was getting away from what I wanted to do which was telling my stories and sharing my ideas.

It didn’t feel honest.  I didn’t feel like I was being honest with myself and I wasn’t.

So in my other notebook where I keep my notes and ideas for the blog I want to create I wrote these notes:

  • I am doing this blog for me.
  • I am writing to have cathartic relief.
  • I am writing to honestly express myself not to get hits.
  • I believe by being honest with quality content I will draw an audience.

The problem was that worrying so much about getting hits and links and visitors and views negated the stress relief that I get from writing and it removed the satisfaction I get from putting together the project.

Writing down those thoughts renewed my interest in the project.

Maybe I should write the same statements for my drumming:

  • I play drums from me.
  • I play drums for cathartic relief.
  • I play drums to express myself not to have people like me.
  • I believe by playing my drums as honestly as I can and to the best of my abilities I will draw fans.

That’s feel pretty good as well.

Maybe I should add one more statement to both of those.

  • As long as I’m honest and happy in what I do, it doesn’t matter how many fans I have or don’t have.


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