Life Coach – WTF?

After joining one of the more prominent business type social networks, I came across a number of members who list their occupation as “Life Coach”.

At first when I came across this occupation I really did think it was a joke, some tongue in cheek thing.  But as I saw more and more members listing themselves as a “Life Coach” I figured it was legit.  It made me wonder what is a “Life Coach”?

I thought it had to be something more than what it sounds like so I looked it up.

Here is the definition that I found:  a person who consuls and encourages clients on matters having to do with careers or personal challenges.

Ok so now I’m going to write out my reaction, I’m not going to abbreviate it.  What the fuck!

Really, you now put someone on retainer to help you with your life and the decisions you make?

I guess good for you if you got into this racket, but really come on.

Is it like, “oh I’m too stupid to ask for advice from people around me, I’m too dumb or lazy to know who to ask, or who to seek out to ask about career and life decisions I am about to make so here please take my money.  Gee it’s too bad I don’t have some magic box in my house where I could research some of this stuff, here take some more of my money and tell me what to do.  Then if I fail I can blame you.”

I guess I owe some people in my life money for being my life coach.Lifechoach

Let’s see, there’s my mom and dad, my various friends through the years, my wife, my in-laws, my football coach, my drum teacher (I paid him for the drum lessons, the discipline lessons were free), and a whole slew of professional colleagues and acquaintances through the years.

Wow what a bargain.

If I have a career issue or questions and I’m not sure what to do I seek out professionals and ask question, for free.

If I have a general life crisis or questions I seek out individuals who may have experienced a similar situation and ask them questions, for free.

Here’s a shocker I may even research the matter, read books about the matter by “experts” in the field of what I am dealing with.

When I felt I have learned enough to make a decision I make one and I live with the consequences of my decision.  And if for some reason I’m not fully secure in my decision I seek out the advice of a trusted and experienced friend and bounce it off of them.

I don’t think I could ever hire a life coach.  To me it’s like you’re saying I can’t run my own life and I am not confident in myself to make good decisions or even to be able to point myself in the right direction.  I’m going to turn over a portion of my life for someone else to handle.

Maybe now we are starting to see the results of a generation where everyone gets a trophy.  You’ve never been forced to get knocked on your ass and have to pull yourself back up and work even harder to win something.  So you just let people take care of things, what’s it matter you’ll still get a trophy.

I guess I just don’t get it.  What am I missing?  Will someone please enlighten me.   If you’re a life coach please fill me in, seriously please fill me in.

There is a whole world of information at hand today.  We have that magic box in our house.  You can use it for more than watching monkeys eating their own feces, although you can’t beat a good monkey video.

You figure it out.  You go out and win your own well deserved trophy.  Trying your best is expected if you want to succeed and there are no guarantees.

Learn to use free, yes free, resources that are available, teach yourself.  Rely on yourself because you will always be there for you.

The say the best way to learn something is to teach.

Well then learn life by teaching it to yourself, not by writing someone a check to give you the answers.

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