A “Tribute” Album

I’m jumping back to the tribute bands theme as I have a few more comments I’d like to make on the subject.

When Eric Clapton’s “The Breeze – An Appreciation of JJ Cale” came out I immediately purchased a copy.

I had caught bits and pieces of the half hour promo show on Palladia and since it was Eric Clapton’s name on it I had to buy it.

As I listened to the album for the first time I noticed that all the songs had the same general feel/sound to them.  Not the same rhythm but a homogeneous  sound.  It made me think that this album isn’t about the people performing on the album it’s about the writer/performer JJ Cale.  It was about playing the songs the way he would have done them.

It is a “tribute” album.

Eric Clapton basically said that on the promo show.  He said the album wasn’t about what he or the other artists would do with the song but what JJ Cale  would have done with the songs, his songs.

That being said the individuality of each artist still came through.

John Mayer certainly wasn’t trying to impersonate JJ Cale when he sang “Magnolia”.

Willie Nelson was Willie Nelson when he sang “Starbound”.

When you are an artist like the afore mentioned,  yourself is always there.  Trying to sound like JJ Cale wouldn’t be honest and what’s the point?

If people want to hear JJ Cale they’ll buy one of his albums.The Breeze

The tribute is for the artists to do JJ Cale’s songs in a manner that shows the respect that they had for the man, his songwriting and his style.

This tribute album will get fan’s of the artists who participated to perhaps delve into JJ Cale and learn more about his career and works.  That is another tribute to JJ Cale.

So to me this is a “tribute” to an artist, not an impersonation.

Ok I’ll let go of “covers” and “tributes”.

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