Decoys That Earned an Honest Living

I wrote this piece after coming back from a week long vacation last year.

I have been off on vacation for over a week and I am finding it difficult to pick up my writing.

It goes to show how habits need to be nurtured.

My wife and I went to a very large and impressive antique show in Warrenton and Round Top Texas.  It was the largest antiques event I have ever been to.

I was amazed at the amount of revenue generated by these old used items.  These items are generating revenue long after their initial value.

It’s like music that can stand the test of time.

As I go through my collection of vinyl records that date from the late 60’s, through the 70’s and into the 80’s I find some that I listened to very enthusiastically when I discovered them but now I play them and I wonder what all the fuss was about.

Then there are ones that I loved back then and I still love today.

The have an aesthetic sound that still moves me today.  I’m not talking about the technical quality of the sound but the quality of the playing, the writing, the performances  that were captured on the records.

These are the “antiques” that will provide value for generations, just like the antiques my wife and I were viewing in our trip to Texas.

With antiques I tend to like the simple, primitive pieces.  I find beauty and comfort in there simple appearance and pleasing design.  Kind of like how I appreciate music.

I like duck decoys.

There are some decoys that are very elaborate.  They are made almost life like with very detailed carving and painting. They are very impressive and not meant to serve any other purpose then a piece of decorative art.

But I love the simple beat up old working decoys.  Most of these are primitive, simple basic carved heads and bodies but the simple design captures the essence of the duck.  With a few cuts and whittles the maker has made a statement.


This decoy worked for a living.

The wear and tear shows how these decoys served a primal purpose and they did their job.  These decoys earned an honest living and served an honest purpose.

Simple and effective and every time you look at it you see what the artist was saying and the reason for his work.

The decoy’s value will live on.  Although they will never be used for their original purpose again their value will continue to increase.  A legacy left behind by their long gone maker.

Maybe this is what I hope to achieve with my creations.

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