Budgeting My Time

I thought I would take the time to follow up on how I’m doing with budgeting my time.

A while back I wrote about how time is so much more valuable than anything else and yet most of us never budget our time and use it wisely. (See The Most Precious Thing)  Most of us wouldn’t throw money away but we waste huge amounts of time doing nothing.

I’m pretty meticulous about managing and budgeting my money.  Every week at least once a week, sometimes twice I do reviews where I plan the next three to four months of income and expense.

I use an Excel spreadsheet and I know where every dollar is going.

But with my time I have no hard data on what I do.  So I thought I should start budgeting my time like my money.

Well I hate to admit it but I still haven’t sat down and budgeted my time in an Excel spreadsheet format like I do with my money.  I am a bit disappointed in myself.

But the more I think about it I do budget my time.  I just don’t have it all written down like my finances.

I get up every day with an agenda in mind.  Mostly short term goals like chores to get done that day.  Some of those short term goals are really small steps towards long term goals just like when I’m putting away a couple of dollars each week to someday be able to have more financial security.

I do plan for when I am going to practice, the best time to do it each day depending on what is going on around me.  That’s a short term daily activity that’s working towards a long term goal.

I also plan ahead.

If I have a three or four day weekend coming up I’ll be planning a couple of weeks in advance what I want to accomplish over that long weekend.

There are the chores like cleaning, prepping for changes in the season, etc.  But I also plan on utilizing time from writing, project planning and correspondence in regards to long term plans.

As usual that long weekend will fly by and the amount of hours in each day won’t be enough to accomplish everything so I have to prioritize my schedule as well.

I guess I really do budget my time but I find the written word to be powerful.

I would be more effective with my time if I had it written down.  I do make lists that keep me on point but sometimes that short term stuff keeps making the long term take even longer.

The issue is I can’t keep pushing back the long term stuff, there is only so much time.

I need to write down my goals, my steps and set dates and timeline the whole thing and then budget accordingly.

It’s a good thing I like this stuff, half the fun is in the planning.CalClock1

I just need to keep developing habits for the important things.

I also need to budget time to relax, sharpen the saw so to speak.

I’ll keep following up with my progress.

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