I Have To Make It Happen

This piece came to me when I was trying to do my daily journal entry and had a bit of a mental block.

Today I am struggling for an idea.  Could it be after doing this almost every week day since March (2014) and having filled well over 500 pages that I am running out of ideas?

I have ideas jotted down on sticky notes that I post inside my journal.  I just reviewed them and not one idea really excited me.

I am trying to maintain that line between being disciplined to write every day and writing becoming a chore that is no fun and something I start to avoid.

I need to get myself back in tune with writing down thoughts that would make interesting posts.  But these thoughts and subjects have to be honest not something contrived.

When I write poems or lyrics I have to make that happen.  Writing and creating just doesn’t drop out of the sky.

The catalyst for the project or piece may just appear but I need to recognize its potential and then take that catalyst and make something tangible.  I have to make it happen.

I am currently working on a set of lyrics but haven’t finished them.

The catalyst that started this set of lyrics was a thought that came to me while I was mowing my yard and listening to Joe Bonamassa.

There was one line that stuck in my head.  “Joe Bonamassa won’t buy my Twin.”  So I wrote it down.

You can go to my post titled “Joe Bonamassa – Buy My Twin” to see why I thought of that line.

I thought how can I use that phrase in a song?

I came up with a story where everything is going wrong for a guy and on top of all that Joe Bonamassa won’t buy his 1968 Fender Twin Reverb Amp.

The words don’t just flow out of my head to make the idea a tangible piece of work.  I have to consciously make it happen.  I have to think of the story, pull from my life and then put if all together, edit and re edit.

That takes work, I have to make it happen.light-bulb

I have to make sure it’s not contrived, make sure it’s honest.

I can’t just say I going to write some lyrics or a poem or a story using Joe Bonamassa.  It wouldn’t happen for me.

The catalyst was honest and out of my life experience (read the post Joe Bonamassa Buy My Twin). From that experience I can create an honest piece of work.

Well I guess my catalyst for today was my discipline of writing each day.

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