The Band I Left (Part I)

I’m going to post some pieces that I wrote when I started rehearsing with a band last year.  I’ll post them in chronological order so you can see how the whole thing developed or maybe I should say devolved.

I thought I would bring you up to date on how things are going with finding a band.

I hope I have at least found a start.

The week before I left for a one week vacation in Texas I responded to an ad that was posted on Craigslist.

The ad stated that the band was looking for a drummer and would be gigging two to four times a month.  They already had a bass player, keyboard player and were also looking for a guitar player.   Both current band members did vocals.

Their music was sixties, seventies, eighties and some recent songs.

Hooray it wasn’t metal. Not that I have anything against metal.  It’s just not my cup of tea and it seems to be all there is in this area.

The ad also said they had some booked gigs but had to cancel them due to the loss of band members.

I was able to research the name on their response back to me and determined that the bass player had played in bands around this area many, many, years ago.

I auditioned and got the gig.

During the audition I really couldn’t hear their playing or their vocals very well but what I could hear was tolerable.

I figured it’s playing with other people and hopefully in a short amount of time well be doing some decent paying gigs.  According to them they had gigs lined up, so I thought they must have a bunch of material all ready to go.  And it’s not metal, so why not.

I’m excited about playing out and the material is pretty simple.  This will give me a chance to work on my live performance skills and develop my chops.

They seem to be good guys but I’m not overly thrilled about their talent.  Then again maybe they feel the same about me.

For now I want to get out and start gigging again.Pearlsb

Right now it’s just a trio, bass, keyboards and drums.

I let them know that I thought we should develop the trio.  That opens up more lounge type gigs.  Then if we add a guitar player we have another side to the band.

If the guitar player would leave the band (like they tend to do) we can simply go back to a trio and keep working, or if the guitar player had a conflict with a gig you can still book it as a trio.

So right now I don’t have a whole lot of insight into this band.  I’ve made it through the audition, one band meeting and one practice.  Most of the practice time was spent rehabbing an old Premier drum kit and getting it into playing shape for the practice site.

These are nice enough guys but honestly I’m not that impressed.  But at least it’s not metal.

I guess I need to give it some time.  Let’s see where we are in a couple of weeks.

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