The Band I Left (Part III)

Another section about “The Band I Left”. This was written about three weeks into rehearsals.

A little bit more each day I am starting to have my reservations about the band.

My gut instinct about the bass player seems to be coming true.

Both of these guys are decent and polite fellows who are very easy to get along with, but the bass player is just a bit full of himself.  He tends to speak before he should.

He’s been talking about getting us booked for New Years Eve and making a couple a grand for the night. I don’t see that happening.  Not here and not with this band.

He also started talking about booking gigs at the shore and making a couple a hundred per night per man.  Again I don’t see it with this band.

I think he tends to speak of his wishes and dreams not reality.

Last week he was telling me and the keyboard player about this young guitar player and vocalist who would be joining the band.

This guitar player/vocalist is in his late twenties and a former music major student.  According to the bass player he is an exceptional player and singer.  He described him to me as “a musician of your caliber”.

He talked of this guy wanting to join our band or at least wanting to audition with us because he couldn’t find other players at his level.   That was the bass player’s answer to my question “Why does a twenty eight year old want to play with a bunch of old guys?”

Anyway when we discussed this after our last practice the bass player talked about the whole scenario as if it were a done deal.  I was a bit excited about the prospect of adding an “exceptional” player and singer.

Right now what the keyboard and bass play is very, very simple.

That’s great for a start but without anything interesting playing on top of the simple foundation the sound can become boring.

From what I heard so far I don’t see any interesting playing coming from either the keyboard or the bass player.  I may be wrong but I don’t think so.

So I thought by adding an “exceptional “player we would be filling in another piece of the puzzle.

This morning I get an email form the bass player stating the done deal new guy had declined his offer to play with us.  This potential new guy said he needs to devote his time to his family and his career.

I can appreciate that but I have the feeling that he never really wanted to play with us and the bass player was just being overly optimistic or even delusional.

There are more issues with this band.Pearls3

I am now going into my fifth practice session with these guys and they have only learned one new song.

Right now we have about twenty songs.  We need at least fifteen to twenty more before we can consider being ready to play a gig.

My concern is this will drag on and at the current pace it will takes months until we come close to having a gigs worth of material.

For now the practices are good for me but I need to start playing out.  I need to see some fruit from my labor or at least the buds.

Normally in the past I would expect a band to learn three to five new songs every week if not more and be ready to go in a month.

In the past I’ve done one week of rehearsal with a band and started gigging the next week.

I think I’ll give them a month to see what happens.  The weekly rehearsals are helping me improve my chops, but there is nothing like a gig to get your chops together.

I did tell them I feel we need to set up a time line with some milestones to help monitor our progress.

We’ll see what happens.

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