The Band I Left (Part VI)

Part VI – The Band I Left – I think the writing is on the wall.

Maybe the upside to this band is I could make myself the feature player.  But that’s really not what I want in a band.  I don’t want to be the “star”.

What I want to be in a band is the drummer, just sitting back with the bass player holding the whole thing together.  Just laying down a solid foundation for the rest of the players to build on.

But this band kind of thrusts me out there since I don’t see anything interesting coming out of the other two players.

The songs are loaded with spaces.

Filling those spaces in a tasteful and musical manner will help develop my artistic muscle.  It will help me to develop knowing when to fill, what to fill and when to leave a hole.

But will it affect how I play when I do get to play with more experienced and talented players?  In a situation like that less and less notes would be required.  Hopefully I don’t develop any bad habits of over playing.

I need to make sure I keep that prospective and don’t let myself turn into a “lead” drummer.Pearls3

I’ll give this band one more month.

If a substantial repertoire isn’t in place and gigs aren’t booked I will have to diplomatically excuse myself from the situation.

Right now I’m really starting to explore online collaboration. I am hoping this will open me up to a much larger pool of musicians.

I’m getting tired of the kiddie pool.

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