The Band I Left (Part VII)

(It’s over – maybe)

Tonight may be my final rehearsal with this band.

I’m really not looking forward to rehearsing and that is a very good indicator that it’s time to move on.

I have reached the point where I would rather stay home and work on various aspects of my playing than drive to the other side of the county to rehearse with some players that are still struggling with learning new material.

It’s now been two months of weekly rehearsals and tonight will be the ninth time we rehearsed together as a band.

In that amount of time we have put together nineteen songs, eighteen of which are songs that the other two players have spent months learning and rehearsing.  So in eight rehearsals together we have managed to add one new song that we had to learn together.

Tonight we are supposed to add four more songs.  I am really curious to see if they are even close to knowing these songs.  Even if by some miracle they have them down and ready to go that’s only twenty three songs.

I would say we need at least thirty to thirty five songs at a minimum to even consider doing a three hour gig and well over forty songs for a four hour gig.  That means we are still months away from being ready to play.

Rehearsals aren’t fun anymore.  I look at rehearsals as the work and paying dues to get to the good stuff, playing out live.  But I still want to enjoy them.

I don’t think I want to spend the winter driving across the county once a week to keep going over the same songs.  The songs that I like but don’t like the sound of the band that’s playing them.

The rehearsal space is not very comfortable.  The lighting is stark and the room is way too live.  It’s just no conducive to a good vibe.  And it’s cold, not very well heated.

I haven’t really listened to any of the rehearsal recordings over the last few weeks.  I don’t because I really don’t like how they sound.

Well let’s see how it goes tonight but I have a feeling that this is it.  My biggest concern is how I gracefully back out of this without hurting anyone’s feelings.

(A Reprieve)

I  wrote this part the next day after the rehearsal.

Well I’m going to stick it out a bit longer.

They removed one song last night at rehearsal.  That’s zero new songs we’ve added, but now we supposedly have a gig next month.

It’s supposed to be a three hour gig or three forty minute sets of material so what we really need is to be able to fill two hours.

Some of the songs aren’t that bad.  At their best they are mediocre.  At their worst they are tolerable.

I think the other two guys are starting to sense my frustrations.

Here’s the best part.

The supposed gig is to be at a bowling alley.Bandshell

I’ve played a lot of different places over the years, roller rinks, hay wagons, garages, on top of a concession stand and quasi religious snake oil sales show, but never in a bowling alley.  At 57 I’m still paying dues.

The story that I got was the bowling alley was originally to be the site of our New Years Eve gig but that fell through.

Honestly I’ll be surprised if this one doesn’t.

If it does fall through that’s the last straw.  Four months of rehearsals and zero gigs, it’s time to move on.  I’ve been more than patient.

For now it is one night a week of playing with some other musicians.  It’s costing me time and gas and it’s getting old.

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