The Band I Left (Part VIII – The End)

The final installment – enough’s enough.

Tomorrow night is the first gig.  Expectations are running low for the overall performance of this band.

The guys in the band are nice enough fellows but lack musical talent.

Last night we had what you would call the dress rehearsal.  I guess just getting through all the songs without any disastrous mistakes was a major victory.  But the amount of bad notes and bad timing was very disconcerting.  What really makes it bad is most of the songs these guys have been learning for over 6 months and now after almost three and a half months of rehearsals with me we have maybe two hours worth of material.

At last night’s rehearsal we didn’t get through one song without some very noticeable error.  They were mainly wrong notes and chords. Most of the songs were simple rock and roll songs from the sixties.

So here is my quandary.

At least I am playing out, not necessarily gigging but getting to practice with other musicians (that term is being used loosely right now) for two to three hours a week.

I was originally told they had to cancel booked gigs when their other drummer left the band but I now think that was a lie.

I would like to be playing out more and I thought that after three and a half months of rehearsing we would have booked more than one gig at a bowling alley.

I am never going to hit a deep groove with these guys and it’s really tough to get into songs and work on your chops when you hear constant mistakes.

If it were still like in the old days when I could get with a band in a matter of days and be playing out, there would be no hesitation about walking away from this band.

I don’t look forward to going to practice and I’m certainly not hyped up about our gig tomorrow night.

But when I play no matter how bad they are playing I still feel good about what I am doing.  The frustration is knowing that the feeling could be better if I wasn’t constantly not being allowed to get into the music by all the clunkers presenting themselves ever four to eight bars. And when it’s not laced with clunkers it’s simply uninteresting.

You know I love simple but not boring.

I guess I’ll see how I feel after the gig.

(And then my prophesy comes true.)

Well as my gut was telling me the gig that was to take place tonight got cancelled.

Turns out the bowling alley only reserved about two thirds of their lanes (if that’s even accurate) and they are afraid they won’t make enough money to pay everyone including the band.

They did offer to pay us fifty percent of what they make but I said no to that.

First off how do we know how much they really made and secondly I don’t like playing for a cut of the door unless it’s over and above the base pay.  Why would an un-established band play for just the door, even a good un-established band?

Sometime I wonder if there was even a gig in the first place.

Anyway all of this has helped me make up my mind.

Tomorrow I’ll call the bass player; he is kind of the defacto leader and just let him know it’s now working out.

We’ve been rehearsing for three and a half months, only have two hours of material, most of it sucks, and we have zero work on the horizon.

There’s no groove, no emotion and just getting through the songs and playing eighty five percent of the right chords seems to be a victory.  I can’t operate like that anymore.  I’m upset if I make one mistake, not happy that I made only one.

I’d rather just practice at home and keep looking for something else and stop wasting one night a week in time and gas practicing with a band I am not fond of musically.  The people are fine the music sucks.

I think my best option is to buy home recording equipment.

Maybe that will open up online collaboration.

I wish these guys the best of luck.

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