Everybody Needs A Dream

I have written about my wife and my intentions of moving south.

Originally I had picked a five year plan.  I picked five years because in five years I will be 62.  For some reason I have this notion that if by the time I’m 62 and I haven’t made the move then I won’t feel much like starting over somewhere else.

I do know that after 57 winters in the northeast I have had enough.  I plan to accelerate making the move.

We have been thinking about southern Georgia, southern Alabama and Florida.  I did like Texas, especially the La Grange area but land seems to be a bit pricey and you’re a long way from the beach.  At this point it looks like Florida.  There’s a lot of beach in Florida and that pleases my wife.

Anyway one night when we started the process of looking at what type of properties are available in these areas my wife asked me how I was finding all the houses that I was showing her online.  She said to me “This may sound stupid but I want to look up homes in these areas, I need something to dream about.

I said it’s not stupid at all.  We all need something to dream about.

She had been under a lot of stress and I understood completely what she was talking about.

I went through it when I was still in management and at my wits end with the stress and frustration of the situation.

It’s tough and very depressing to get up each day and lay down each night thinking “This is it? There is nothing else, I’ve reached my peak and all I have to look forward to is this?”

I had worked for over twenty years with one company with a dream (albeit a misguided one) of maybe someday getting just a small piece of the pie,  maybe enough to look at an early retirement.   I worked very, very, very hard to try and make it come true.  Then I realized after nearly killing myself at doing this my dream didn’t fit into the company’s plan.

Then I had no dream and I was miserable.

One day I just said no more, I want to play music.  I want to make a record I can be proud of.  I want to down scale this corporate career and dream of making music and work towards that dream.Beach1

Voila, I had a dream again.  A dream that was much like the dream of my youth.  The career that consumed a huge percentage of my life became just a job.  It became just a tool to help me achieve my dream.

I no longer took my job home with me or took it on vacation.

I no longer had the dread of rising each day to face yet another set of problems.

Today my music dream keeps me going.  So does the dream of my wife and myself leaving the last 25 years of drama behind and spending our remaining days with each other in the warm southern sunshine, all year long.

Everybody needs a dream to keep them going.

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