Your Age Is Not A Handicap

I wrote this piece when I was reading the book of Job.  Job is one of my favorite books and stories in The Bible.

The last few verses deal with God restoring Job’s health and wealth.  God gives Job even more wealth then he had prior to it being taken away by Satan.

Job 42:12 reads, “And the Lord blessed the later days of Job more than his beginning.”

I read that verse three times and noted it in my head.  I wanted to remember it because it really hit home with me.

Throughout my days of trying to resurrect a music career I have often had my doubts about what I am doing.   Not because of my ability or my determination.  I think I have cultivated and grown my drive much more than in my younger days.

Where my doubts rise up is my age.

In my latter days am I just too old for this?  Has life and opportunities just passed me by?

Reading this verse filled me with hope that even in my latter days I too can be blessed more than in my youth.

So here again was God speaking to me and I finally overcame my inattentional blindness.  I saw and heard the message.

I have read the book of Job numerous times over the last four or five years.  I’ve read this verse every time but this time I realized what God was saying to me.youngold

Your age is not a handicap.  If you honestly pursue this you will be blessed more than you can imagine.

By “blessed” I don’t mean wealth, fame or critical acclaim.  My blessings will be something I just can’t imagine right now, something I’ve never experienced.  Something I can’t see because of my inattentional blindness.

I’ll keep plugging away at this as if I’m twenty one because my age is not a handicap.  In a way it’s a blessing with all the knowledge and wisdom I’ve gained over the years.  It may actually make this easier by helping me learn more from my mistakes, make less mistakes and realize no matter what the setback may be I have and will continue to get by.

The book of Job may not be the written word of God to some of you. It may have been just the history of a man written by a man.

But God used it to speak to me.

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