Did My Dream Mean Anything?

Last night I had a series of odd unrelated dreams.  Dreams that really made no sense, the kind of dreams that you have a hard time remembering.  But when you open your eyes the next morning you feel just a bit off kilter for a few moments until you really wake up and get your day started.

I seem to dream in spurts.  I’ll have a number of nights in a row where I will dream every night.

It almost seems like the older I get the more I dream.

Some dreams are extremely vivid.  When I wake up I can remember almost every detail as if I just lived it.  Some dreams are just jumping around for one nonsensical situation to another.

Some dreams seem to be trying to tell me something.  They are prophetic in nature.

I have always wondered if they really have any meaning.  Are there times when God is trying to speak to me, or is it just me trying to speak to me?  Maybe it’s just my subconscious discharging a buildup of nonsense

I know that a lot of them are just my subconscious releasing what it stored up through the day.  I can relate the nonsense to something I watched on TV or listened to or people I saw that day.

Some that are vivid I can tie into how I’m feeling or a particular emotional time I may be going through.  I can see the metaphors.

But some have been so vivid and so real and I can’t explain why I had the dream.

There is one that I will never forget and it happened over twenty five years ago.

I don’t remember the start or the end but I remember this part of the dream.

I was in a very dark room or cave.  The background was black, so black that I couldn’t make out if there were walls and a ceiling or if it was just an empty infinite universe.  There was a large black rock in front of me that looked like an ancient altar and on that black rock was a black book.

The black book had golden letters on its cover that said “TORAH” which is the five books of Moses or the Jewish Bible.

A white light shown down on the book and I couldn’t determine what was the source of the light.

As I am looking at this book water drops land in a circle around it.  As the drops strike the rock they hiss and spit as if the rock were as hot a cook’s iron griddle.

Then I hear a deep voice say “Thou hast done well”.

That’s it.  No jumping around from scene to scene, no weird characters, no flying or being out in public in my underwear.

I was in my late twenties or early thirties a the time of this dream so I wondered “What have I done well?”

Was I being told I had made the right choices in life?  I was certainly no saint not then and not now.

I was just beginning the journey of raising my children and my music career was stalled at best.

I am very spiritual but keep it to myself.  My religion is mine for me.

I’ll share if you ask but I don’t wear it on my sleeve or hide behind it.

But the vividness of that dream along with the simplicity has always made me feel like someone or something other than myself was in that dream.

I try not to scoff at dreams and their possible significance.

In the Old Testament dreams and their importance are mentioned numerous times.

Joseph would have never risen to the height that he did had he not been able to interpret Pharaoh’s dreams, dreams which predicted the future.

So did my dream mean anything?  Is it something I won’t figure out until I’m on my death bed?

Or was it just my subconscious giving me a vote of confidence when I needed it?

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