Thanks Rumer

For any special occasion when someone asks me for a gift suggestion for myself I always say these two things, a bottle of red wine (dry) and an iTunes gift cards.

The bottle of wine goes with a great meal and the iTunes card is a great way to explore new music.

One of the artists I discovered through iTunes and Daryl’s House was Rumer.  Not Rumer Willis but Rumer the singer from the U.K.

I first saw her on Live from Daryl’s House and as I tend to do I became somewhat enamored with a female singer.

But this isn’t some lusty kind of attention that most of your pop stars go for, no this is on a temporal level.  The singer is so good, so soothing and subtly erotic.

She becomes an angel when she sings.  Beauty just comes out and envelops her.

After seeing her on Live From Daryl’s House I went to iTunes and previewed her first album “Seasons of My Soul” and I immediately bought it.

I love how relaxed everything was, how soothing and soulful her voice can be.  She can take what reminds me of a mainstream “whitebread” sound from the seventies and make it soulful and a touch erotic.

So after I digested this album I had to go back and buy her next album “Boys Don’t Cry”.

In the write up in iTunes they compared her to Karen Carpenter.

I’m a product of the seventies and during my teenage years the Carpenters where huge but not “cool” to a teenager like me.

The Carpenters where something my parents enjoyed listening to, even my grandparents would not have turned them off.

But to me a rock and roll teenager they were uncool, unhip elevator music for old people.  Crank up the Zeppelin and leave me be.  I don’t want flowers coming out of my speakers and I never wanted to be in a band that played “Close To You”.  But I was at one time and I hated it.  Made more money in that band than most others but still I hated it.

Now here I am some forty years later listening to Rumer and saying to myself my God she does sort of remind me of Karen Carpenter and I’m really digging the sound.

So what happened?

I guess I grew up and so my musical tastes and appreciation has grown up and expanded.

I think there is a bit more soul in Rumer’s voice but I should go back and listen to the Carpenters to make an accurate comparison.  I don’t know if I can do that.  I think I was maxed out on the Carpenters as a kid.  At one point you couldn’t help but turn on the radio and there they were, or the TV.

I don’t have any Carpenter albums since I wouldn’t have been caught dead with one of their albums in my collection.  I would have been ostracized by my fellow teenage rock star wanna be musicians and friends.

I realize that my fascination with female singers is not superficial, it’s not about looks, otherwise I have all the latest teeny bop auto tuned, cracky voiced, dressed like a whore, female singers’ albums.

No it’s about the voice of a women, not a girl but a women.  Even when I was young the voice of a female singer intrigued me.

I put Rumer right up there with some of my favorites, the ones where I hear a women singing honestly, powerful, soulful and erotic.  I guess the honesty, power and soul is what makes it erotic.  I’m talking about singers like Bonnie Raitt, Susan Tedeschi, Bette Midler, Norah Jones, Emmylou Harris to name a few and I’m sure many from bygone days and in the future to still be discovered.

Thanks Rumer for being honest in your art.

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