Music Isn’t Evil But Some People Are

Psalms 49:3-4

My mouth shall speak wisdom, the mediation of my heart shall be understanding.  I will incline my ear to a proverb; I will solve my riddle to the music of the lyre.

What I like most about these verses is the final line, “I will solve my riddle to the music of the lyre.”

It speaks of how spiritual music is and how music can move you emotionally and that it should.

It speaks of the idea that music can open you up to thoughts and feelings, to see things differently. Music is very powerful.

It says to me that King David would use the melodies, chords, rhythms and sounds of music to help him settle his mind, calm his soul and contemplate the answers to the questions and problems of his life.

It says to me music is holy.

I am not an anthropologist but I’m pretty sure music and sounds have been part of every society’s religious and spiritual life.

Those two verses say speak of what you have, true knowledge.  Reflect inside with the understanding of others and situations.  Listen when you hear knowledge and contemplate your answers with music.

What is doesn’t say is contemplate only with the prescribed music of the organization or individuals who run the organization.

I was flipping around the TV and came across a round table discussion on one of the “Christian” channels.

The members of the panel were discussing music.  I don’t know how they got to that subject since I came in late to the conversation.

They were taking phone calls and a caller asked about “Christian Rock”.  The mediator of the panel went into a tirade about how rock and roll is just deceiving music.  Basically it’s still evil rock and roll with some nice words to cover the nasty music.

First I had to check a calendar to see what year it was and then I was very irritated with this person.

I’m not a fan of Christian Rock.  Some of it is very honest and very good but a lot is not very honest.    I find a number of the acts and artists to be like Eric Cartman.  Nothing malicious or evil just not being honest, they’re cashing in on a genre like this month’s pop star.

But that’s their thing and even if they do start out with the wrong intentions, maybe they’ll come around and eventually produce some honest music.

What really got me riled up was who the fuck is this person to determine that one form of music is evil.  Who died and left them in charge?  Who told them to go ahead and cast the first stone?

Music can be misguided, annoying, and just plain awful, but not evil.

Evil is someone who tries to silence the artist who doesn’t fit into they’re misguided sense of morality.

I was also upset with the fact that this person knew the power of music, they understood that part of it but stopped their understanding when it didn’t fit their mold, their personal taste.  That’s just lazy ignorance.

Perhaps they need to actually read and understand their Bible, maybe read Psalms 49:3-4.  Seems they pretty much ignored that part, especially verse 3 – My mouth shall speak wisdom, the mediation of my heart shall be understanding. 

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