Click Track Progress

Another click track follow-up.

I’m getting pretty persistent at practicing with a click track.

Ever since my revelation that my click track doesn’t have to be quarter notes, my progress has been going really well.

It makes me and keeps me aware of my tendency to rush fills and changes although I think some of that comes from just not being comfortable with the fills and changes.

I discovered the more I play with the click track and the more comfortable I get with the click track the click track begins to disappear.

It’s when I start to veer off the tempo that it presents itself and reminds me to get back in step.

I just can’t get over how much of a difference it is when you take the beats and divide them up into eighth and sixteenth notes.

For now I’ll keep taking a day or two each week to practice with the click track, especially at the slower tempos.

You would think that the slower you go the easier it is.  You know like when you are trying to learn something new you start out slow and gradually increase the tempo.

That’s not the case when you working with a slow groove, for example something at 60 bpm.

I’m just glad I had this revelation about using eighth and sixteenth notes on my click track.  It makes  a difference when I’m recording.

And I’m glad I practiced with click tracks before I got into my home recording.  It has made a big difference in my playing.

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