Thanks Again Rumer

I’ve been on a Rumer kick.

Recently I wrote about how years ago I wouldn’t have been caught dead listening to such mainstream sounding music.

But now when I listen to her music it’s such a soulful sound and her voice pleases me.

It’s laid back so it’s perfect for me to put in my ear buds, lie in bed at night and let her take me away as I drift off to sleep.

I own both her albums (another one has come out since I first wrote this and I have to get it) and have listened to them numerous times.

Now that I am no longer rehearsing specific songs for a band I can practice to songs I really enjoy and really want to learn.

This past Friday night I did my usual practice routine, starting with rudiments and then various control drills.  Then I go to my electronic kit to work on songs and new beats.  If no one is home I’ll play one of my acoustic kits.

Some nights I work just on playing new beats and rhythms at various tempos usually working with the click track. Some nights if I have no specific songs to learn I go through my iPhone and see what I feel like playing and sometimes I just put it in shuffle mode and see what comes up.

After listening to Rumer so much I thought let’s give some of these tunes a try.

I’m not use to playing something that laid back.  I’m a hard hitting rock and roll drummer.  I thought to myself let’s see how this goes.  You’ve been listening to these songs over and over so you’ll have the arrangements down but can you cop the feel.

Starting from the very first song I was pleasantly surprised.

The music and playing flowed through me so very nice and relaxed, much better than expected.  I didn’t play ever song perfect but the feel was there.  It came naturally like I was meant to play this stuff.

As I said earlier I’m a hard hitting rock and roll drummer, I played rock and roll and hard driving blues most of my life.  I did some country but rock and roll is where I grew up.

Now here was this relaxed almost seventies Carpenters’ style music but soulful and I was feeling it.

Maybe it was because I listened to these songs so many times in the past week going to and from work and when I was falling asleep.  Maybe they permeated my subconscious.

Or maybe I’ve just mellowed (grown up) over the years and feel the “old” in this “old people’s” music, which is what I would have called it 35 – 40 years ago.

I’m just glad I found it and discovered just how fun it is to play.

Thanks again Rumer and thanks to session musicians and your producer.

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