Why Do People Live Up North?

I wrote this right in the middle of last year’s brutally cold winter.  I thought it was fitting as we are approaching the edge of this year’s winter weather.

As I got up this morning and made my way to the cold bathroom, I looked out the window at the snow covered landscape and I wondered, “Why do people live up north?”

Why do people live in a place where you can’t wait for the next four to five months to be over?

Life is so short and yet we spend a quarter or more of each year wishing it would quickly pass.

Why do you live in a place where for four to five months you are constantly watching or looking up weather reports to see how much snow and ice you can expect?  Then you have to ask yourself will you have to plan for an extra half hour or hour to get to work?  Will you have to get up an hour or two early to shovel your driveway even though you just spent two hours clearing it off right before you went to bed?


The snow was fun when I was young, but now…….

When I was a kid I loved the snow and the cold.  It was great to play in and it got you a day off school.

But as an adult you learn there are no “snow days”.

You have to trudge out into the winter waste land with the rest of the rats and half of them either have no respect or no brains for the dangers of driving on ice and snow.  The other half of them are almost paralyzed with fear by a snowflake.

If the storm is too bad you do get a “snow day” but you end up having to take a vacation day if you want paid.  Shoveling snow and clearing ice in below freezing temperatures is just how I want to spend my precious days off.

Snow can be very beautiful, especially out in the country where I live, until it drifts three feet deep across your driveway after you just spent two hours cleaning it off.

Then it starts to turn a nasty dirty shade of gray along the side of the road and in the towns and soon it becomes a scourge upon your land and house.

Three days after you finally get cleaned up and are through traveling on less than desirable roads it does it all over again.

Well after 57 winters (I remember about 50 of them) I have had enough.

Enough of wet dogs, wet boots, wet floors and wet socks.

Enough of jumping into a cold bed at night and not wanting to get out of it when it’s nice and warm in the morning.  Enough of stepping on to a freezing bathroom floor and sitting on an ice cold toilet seat.

I have had enough.  Dixie here I come.

But tell me, why do we live up north?

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