OK One More Time About Rumer

Thought I would write about Rumer one more time.

As you may know from my previous posts on this subject I bought both of her albums, Seasons of My Soul and Boys Don’t Cry.

The other morning as I was getting into my truck one of the songs, “P.F.Sloan” kept running through my head.  My mind was made up as to what album I was going to listen to on my way to work that day.

I’ve written about the similarities I hear between Rumer and Karen Carpenter.  I wonder how much of that was put into my head by the power of suggestion after reading the iTunes review of Boys Don’t Cry.

As vanilla as her voice and music may sound on the surface I find it to have a heavy underlying dose of soul.

I wrote about how much I enjoy playing along to her songs and thinking that I wouldn’t enjoy it because I always thought of myself as a hard hitting rock and roll drummer.  I thought her music may be too pop oriented.  But I was wrong, it was relaxed and soulful and fun.

Here I am listening to the album once again in my truck and I’m loving it.  The more I listen and breakdown the parts the more I love it.

The drums are great and have a great feel.  The groove although almost pop has a lot of soul to it.

Then on comes the Isaac Hayes tune “Soulsville’.  It doesn’t get more soulful than an Isaac Hayes tune called “Soulsville”.

That’s when it hit me like a ton of bricks.

Although I can see the comparisons of the overall sound of the album to the Carpenters, Rumer’s voice is not so much Karen Carpenter.

Rita Coolidge, its Rita Coolidge.

It’s that same seductive,soulful voice.

Now I’m hearing Bird on the Wire, Fever, The Way You Do the Thing You Do and We’re All Alone.

And now I feel better about my love for Rumer’s music.

If you read my earlier pieces on this subject you’ll see that I was concerned about having grown so old that even the Carpenters seemed cool to me.  Nothing against the Carpenters, very well done music, but just not something a 15, 16 or 17 year old would have been into.  They were for the parents as far as I was concerned when I was that age.

And Rita Coolidge was way hotter than Karen Carpenter.  Of course that’s no longer important but when you’re a teenage boy it sure does help.

Anyway I guess the point is I have become very enamored with Rumer’s music.

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