Biggest Does Not Mean Best

Kind of a rant today, but it’s my blog.

The other night I came home from work and my son was sitting on the couch watching the TV.  He comes over to watch my grandson since my wife is still at work and my daughter needs to leave for school before I get home.

ESPN is on the TV.

I never watch ESPN.  I don’t like ESPN.  To me they are just another example of an entity that has become too big for their britches.

I remember when they started out they were truly all about sports.

Does anyone remember Australian Rules Football and the guys in the white lab coats and hats?  For some reason they would strut out from what I guess was the goal line, stand at attention and then very abruptly point their index fingers at the center of the field, like they were shooting off two pistols.  What was that about?

And how about the scoring system, I’d watch and watch and never really be able to understand the rules.  It seemed like the main objective was to pummel the man with the ball.

But alas ESPN landed huge contracts with the NFL, NCAA Football, MLB, NBA and NASCAR and as far as ESPN is concerned that’s it.  There are no other sports to cover or promote, just the ones they have under contract.

So on the talk show my son was watching they were discussing the NFL and whether or not the league had a plus or minus year.

The one commentator said “Look, the NFL is the biggest sport out there.”

Yes I would have to agree with that statement but then he used that statement to basically say that makes it the best sport.

By whose account does that make it the “best”?

Of course all the ESPN talking heads are going to follow the company line; they know where their bread is buttered.

ESPN pays millions to broadcast these games and they make millions so they better say it’s the best.  And I’m sure their next in line will be NBA, MLB, NASCAR and whatever else they have under contract.  All other sports that are not under contract with ESPN rank right up there with curling and lawn mower racing.

All I wanted to say when I was listening to this company line propaganda was “turn off those greedy self ingratiating bastards” followed by a very loud “WRONG”!

Their confusion is biggest is the best.

Yes it’s best at putting money into ESPN’s pocket.

But the NFL is no longer a sport.

It’s an exhibition of personalities, a shiny object to grab a brief moment of our ADHD society’s attention, just enough to boost the ratings and put more money in the pockets of those involved.

I am not saying that’s wrong or needs to be changed.  I’m all for free market capitalism but don’t delude yourself into thinking it’s about the sport.

The money is in the casual fan. The die hard fans are a limited number.  It’s the casual fan that they want.

The NFL is in cahoots with the networks and they keep tinkering with the script to get the casual fan to watch because that’s where the money is.  The die hards are a good base but a limited number, the casual fan is unlimited year in year out.

So this rant made me think of the Super Bowl Halftime show.  The latest one showcased Katy Perry.

Katy Perry at that time was one of the biggest singers out there but how many of you are naive enough to think it’s about the music?

The business has taken what may have been a very talented artist and turned it into a business.  Again I don’t have a problem with free market capitalism, just realize it’s about the business not about the music.  And I’m not saying the music is trash or anything like that, in fact it’s very well executed and produced but it’s about the business not about the music.

So if Katy Perry is the biggest female singer does that make her the best?

I know that is a subjective question but here is my subjective answer.

No, not even close.

She may be talented but she was lucky enough or smart enough to have the right manager, agent, handlers and record company that knew how to manipulate and tinker with her look, her sound and her image.

They know how to tinker with it to capture those few moments of our ADHD society’s attention.  They know how to capture it for just long enough to make a lot of people pretty well off for the rest of their life.  Let’s hope Katy was smart enough to make sure she’s included in that number.

Even the Kardashians are one of the biggest things in entertainment and I’m not talking about Kim’s ass.

But does that make them the best at whatever it is they do?

Ok I may stand corrected maybe there is no one out there who can do nothing better than the Kardashians.

Really though, that’s the best this society has in what can capture our attention?

Well then let the rapture commence because truly Satan has taken over, the apocalypse is upon us.

Don’t confuse big with best or even good.

Again look at the Kardashians.  Someone took nothing, and I mean nothing and made it big, just like a balloon.

But that balloon can only hold so much hot, stale, stinky air.

Get ready ESPN your balloon will someday burst.

Glad I got that off my chest.

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