Divergent Thinking Critical to Creating

This is a follow up to the post I wrote about convergent and divergent thinking.  Actually when I wrote the original post I ran out of time and really just want to finish some of my thoughts on this subject.

Real life examples always help me understand concepts and ideas.  I thought the following paragraphs were good examples of divergent thinking.  It just helps me to understand the concept when I can actually relate it to something.

Both examples involve Robbie Robertson and music.

I came across two songs and I like both songs very much.  Each of the songs is on a different album and each album has two versions of the song on it.

I prefer one version of each song over its alternate version but I like both versions of each song.

The first song is on Planet Waves by Bob Dylan.

The Band, that’s where Robbie Robertson comes in, is Dylan’s band for this album.

The song is “Forever Young”.

The first version of the song is a ballad and it’s my favorite version but right after the ballad version is the same song but this time a little more rock and roll.

The next song is on Robbie Robertson’s solo album “How To Become Clairvoyant”.

The song is “She’s Not Mine”.

The first version is rather spacey and ethereal while the second version has a more rock and roll ballad feel.  For this one I am partial to the second version which was added to the album as a “bonus” track.

Each version of these two songs sound very different but they still have the same melody and lyrics, but each version is the correct answer to the question “What should these songs sound like?”

If artists and producers used convergent thinking you would only get one version of a song and that may not be the best version, if there even is a “best” since the whole thing is subjective to the listener. What you may end up getting if only convergent thinking is used is the most efficient and expedient version based on personnel and time.

This tells me that I really do need to work on my divergent thinking skills and habits in all walks of life. I need to work on it to improve my creative thinking.

Divergent thinking is critical to creating.

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