Waiting For The Print Icon

The other day as I hit the print icon and then sat there staring at my computer screen waiting for the print menu to pop up I thought “How much time do I waste just sitting and staring at this computer screen?”

I wasn’t thinking about the time at home when I may be wading through the stagnant waters of Facebook.  That’s time I can stop and say enough and turn it off.

I was thinking about the time that I spend at work sitting doing nothing for two to three seconds while I wait for the print menu to pop up.

It’s such a small piece of time the you can’t decide to multi task. (To me multi taskings is saying I’ll do two things at the same time and give marginal quality to each task.) So you just sit there and waste two to three seconds of your life every time you click the print icon.

Next I did what I always do when I think of something like that, I run the numbers.

Now I didn’t actually take a week to document how many times I hit the print icon but I did time the delay between clicking and the menu appearing.print2

It averages 2.5 seconds.

Ok so to keep the math simple let’s round it up to 3 seconds.

Conservatively I have to print out 20 documents a day, it’s probably a lot more.  That’s 60 seconds a day I spend waiting for the print menu to appear.

One minute over every work day is wasted waiting for the print menu to pop up.

That’s five minutes a week or 260 minutes a year.

That’s four and one third hours every year of my life down the drain for just one simple task, printing a document at work.

Dot Matrix Printer

Remember these time wasters?

I’ve been at my job for 26 years.  Now the first couple years we didn’t have personal computers, then came the dot matrix printers.  The wait time was even longer for those old printers and programs.  I consider that to be a wash, so let’s say I wasted four and one third hours every year for the last 26 years.

That’s a whopping 112.67 hours, over four and a half days, or a week of waking time if you consider a 16 hour waking active day.

When you are in your twenties and even your thirties a week of time seems like nothing but as you get older and start to approach your sixties that’s a very valuable piece of time.

After looking at those numbers I start to think of all the other time wasters in the course of a day and then I stopped.  I guess it bothered me too much to go any further.

Sometimes at this point in my life I feel that the whole eight hours of each working day is a waste of my time.

I know that all the improvements with technology has supposedly given us all more free time but in business that’s a load of bull shit.

Do you want to know what VPN’s, cell phones and then smartphones have done for me.

They shackled me to my desk, twenty four seven.

So screw the “technology gives you more free time” argument.

I guess what I need to do for now is be more cognizant of those little time wasters that are actually big time wasters and make the most out of them.

Like how I make the most out of my thirty to forty minute commute each day to work.  It is the one time during the day that I do get to listen to music uninterrupted.

But it’s those little things that unknowingly rob you of the time you so desperately try to cling onto as you get older.

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