Don’t Wait For Moses, Deliver Yourself

Reading the Bible has been teaching me life lessons.

That is its purpose.  No matter what you do or don’t believe there is much knowledge and wisdom to be gained from this book.

I was thinking about the Israelites and how Moses brought them out of the bondage of Egypt.

Just about everyone over the age of 50 has seen Cecil B DeMille’s classic movie “The Ten Commandments”.  I believe it’s still on TV around Easter and Passover.

I remember when I was a kid and all we had was three or four stations to watch on TV.  We watched The Ten Commandments when it had its annual showing.  My family watched it and I got to stay up late because it’s a long movie at 220 minutes.

If you’ve seen it or know about it then you know it starts with the Israelites already in bondage.

As a kid I never really wondered how the Israelites became slaves to the Egyptians.  I guess I thought it was just always that way.  But as I got older and started to read the Bible I found out.

Here it is in a nutshell, forgive me if the details are a bit off or if I miss some of them.

Joseph’s brothers were jealous of him so they sold him into bondage and he ended up with Pharaoh.

God was with Joseph and gave him knowledge and wisdom far beyond that of the so called wizards and sorcerers in Pharaoh’s court.

This impressed Pharaoh, especially Joseph’s ability to interpret Pharaoh’s dreams.  He made Joseph an important and big man in Egypt.

Joseph is reunited with his brothers (who he forgives) and his father (who thought Joseph was dead thanks to his brothers).  Joseph convinces his whole family to come and live with him in Egypt since times are hard and Joseph can take care of them.

Through the years Joseph and his family the Israelites prosper and multiply and become quite a force in Egypt, but Pharaoh is cool with all this because the success of the Israelites contributes to the success of Pharaoh.  Pharaoh knows and sees that the Israelites’ God is with them.

But then a new Pharaoh comes along and he’s jealous of the Israelites and has bad counsel to boot.  His less than admirable counselors convince the new Pharaoh to enslave the Israelites before they become more powerful than Pharaoh.

They had a nice win/win going on and then some brat who inherited the fortune lets pride get in the way.  Arrogance and vanity eventually becomes the downfall of Pharaoh rather than being cool with the relationship and both sides prospering 100 fold.

Pharaoh thinks he’s a god.

So suddenly everything goes south for the Israelites and here we are. They are now at the point where they need Moses to deliver them from this mess.

I see this same story happen in today’s world.  I see it happen in the business world.

You have a customer, they are pretty powerful but you work your way into their court and they see that you have something to offer that will help them continue to improve and continue to succeed.

They like to succeed and see the benefits that you bring to the table that will help them succeed.  They want you to prosper as well because they’ve been around long enough to know that if you prosper they will continue to prosper.  They admit that they have short comings and see the value in what you do for them.

Everybody wins.  You grow, they grow and life is pretty good.

Then suddenly a new Pharaoh comes along and he is great and powerful (in his mind) and everyone will know of his great power.

Suddenly what was a great and prosperous partnership becomes a customer (Pharaoh), supplier (Israelites) tyranny full or threats and unrealistic demands (make bricks without straw).

And like the Israelites you’re sitting back going what the hell just happened?

But because Pharaoh gives you enough to sustain life and threatens your business you work in servitude hoping one day Moses comes along and takes you across the river Jordan.

I wish I could write that he comes along but then the Israelites had to wait a couple of hundred years.

So get up off your ass and be your own Moses.

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